Rockstar Money Challenges

rockstar money challenges

Welcome to our weekly money challenges! As much as we love reading about finances, none of it really matters unless you’re actually going to follow it up and TAKE ACTION.

So every Monday, Derek from will be issuing a new money challenge to us all. These challenges will be simple, fun, and most importantly, will help you take another step towards growing your wealth. If it can be challenged, we will challenge it!

Your part is to accept each challenge and check it off your to-do list by the end of the week.

Then hop into our forums and share your results with the rest of the community, so that we can not only learn from each other but also feel good about making progress! Think of it like getting a gold star in elementary school, only these gold stars actually help you retire earlier ;)

We hope you’ll join us!

List of Challenges So Far:

About Our Master of Challenges:
Derek Olsen

derek olsen money challengerDerek blogs over at, and has been helping people pay off debt and grow their net worth since 2010.

His work has been featured on Rockstar Finance a handful of times, and he’s “outrageously thrilled” to play a bigger part here!

Derek is husband to Carrie Olsen and father of two amazing little girls. Check out his books, podcast, free resources and Facebook group too.

Or come say hi to him in the Rockstar Forums!



Series launched on 12/5/16 – Check back every Monday for new challenges!