★ Rockstar Money Challenge #2: Sell Something This Week!

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This is part of our Weekly Money Challenge series.
Be sure to check off any you’ve missed!

Selling on Craigslist is a pretty common thing these days. I’ve sold and bought tons of stuff on Craigslist over the years. Cars, guitars, furniture, a blender, even a headboard for our bed!

But what about Christmas gifts?

Believe it or not, lots of people actually BUY Christmas gifts on Craigslist.

This is a great opportunity for everyone. You can make some cash and give someone else an opportunity to pick up some inexpensive gifts too. And while you are there, grab some inexpensive gifts for yourself! Selling stuff is a great way to de-clutter your house a little, just in time to re-clutter it ;)

J. Money‘s got this creepy old oil painting of Santa Claus he’s posting for sale:

creepy santa painting
(He’s trying to get $200 for it. What do you think? Will it fetch $200? $2.00? $20,000? Maybe it’s a collectors item and he doesn’t know it?! Haha…)

This Week’s Challenge: Sell at Least *One* Thing On Craigslist

  • Take something off the wall or hidden away in a drawer/box somewhere
  • List the item on Craigslist (or eBay or a Facebook group if there’s not a Craigslist near you. Check out OfferUp! A new buying/selling app that is super easy to use and getting a lot of positive attention.)
  • Tell us what you listed in the forums! (Drop a pic or link and maybe one of us will buy it? ;))
  • Make that money!!
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Pick up a Xmas gift while there! Double credit for rocking the “barter” section

See you next week,

Derek, Master of Challenges


PS: Curious to see how last week’s challenge went? Click here and scroll to the bottom.

[Photo cred: Chika Watanabe]


Wow, this challenge got a lot of stuff sold!

Several cars and other items were posted and/or sold this week.

2007 Ford Focus, 2001 Jeep Cherokee, 2 old fake Christmas trees, a GoPro, 2005 Dodge Durango, drum set, toys, bikes, air conditioner, snowboard boots, (no word on Jay’s Santa painting yet!).

Here’s a few articles we found along the way this week to help you sell your stuff fast!!

Check out this post on how to sell your car fast!

“Now, in my hand, I’m holding $1,100. How you ask? By selling a car that was worth $165. Yeah, seriously.”

And how’s this for insane, Fritz sold everything in his house in just 24 hours using Craigslist earlier this year.

“In the process of selling our home, we realized we had ONLY ONE SATURDAY between now and the closing when we’d be home all day. Worse, it was now Friday night, and that one Saturday was tomorrow!”

Then there’s this guy who paid off $50,000 in debt buying and selling stuff online.

“About six years ago, Glen says he started buying items at discount stores and garage sales to resell on sites like eBay. In about a year, income from his “side hustle” surpassed his salary.”

Fantastic job everyone!

Derek heads up the Weekly Money Challenges here at Rockstar Finance and over in the Rockstar Money Forums. He also runs an outrageous blog and podcast over at HowDoIMoney.com – check it out!

Last modified: December 17, 2016

22 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Money Challenge #2: Sell Something This Week!

  1. Ty says:

    Assuming selling my time in exchange for a paycheck doesn’t count – challenge accepted!

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      If you are selling your time for a paycheck on Craigslist, we don’t want to know about it!! Totally kidding, tell us everything!

      1. Ty says:

        I really wanted to come up with a good comeback here, but I’ve got nothin! You win this round!

  2. Jody Newton says:

    Last week, I sold a set of 11 vintage glasses I scavanged when someone put them out with the recycling a couple weeks ago – $25.

    This week, I have a double-barrel Cuisinart ice cream machine up – $50. Dropped from $60. We’ll see.

  3. JMP says:

    Ceiling Fan – $25 bucks
    Of course then I had to turn around and buy a wheelchair for $80…damn it, I’m already behind!

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      Well, not as behind as you could have been. So…. win? Win-ish?

  4. Excellent idea! I’ve been trying to sell things off and on via Craigslist, but it’s hit or miss for me at times. I’m going to relist my collection of Pokémon cards today and see if I get a bite. :)

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      How much are the cards worth?

  5. Derek Olsen says:

    I looked at my selling history and (assuming I got what I asked for each item) I’ve made at least $20,000 selling on craigslist!!!

    Wow, that’s a lot more than I thought. Of course it does count 2 cars, 1 travel trailer, 1 scooter, several musical instruments and lots of furniture.

  6. Mark says:

    It works. I have sold a couple of items for over $10k. Heck, I even sold my wooden deck and gazebo for $200 instead of paying a landscaping company $2000 to remove it

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      (Hey Mark!) That is hilarious about the deck and gazebo! Well played sir, well played.

  7. Matt Spillar says:

    Challenge accepted! I collect sports bobbleheads, and have sold a bunch of my duplicates the past few weeks. Has definitely lessened the blow of the Christmas shopping that we’ve been doing.

  8. Jon Perkins says:

    Challenge Accepted!
    Just listed a sewing machine on Gumtree. (UK)

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      Cool. I assume Gumtree is like Craigslist?

      1. Jon perkins says:

        Pretty similar, although you can pay to have your item featured higher up the list.
        :-( no offers yet though for the sewing machine!

        1. Jon perkins says:

          Sold! for £80 which was the asking price. Only had 2 replies so happy get it sold!

  9. JVG says:

    Challenge accepted and complete! I get all sorts of samples at work, or sometimes, just get leftovers given to me of random products. I got some blue tooth headphones that were valued at about $150 according to the website. I don’t have much use for them, so I posted them and sold them for $115.

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      That’s a pretty cool perk at work!

  10. Thanks for mentioning my recent article, “How to sell your car fast!” There are WAY too many people that trade in their cars and get the shaft on the price.

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      No problem It was a great read with lots of great ideas. I actually used some of those ideas to sell my car just TODAY. http://forums.rockstarfinance.com/t/should-i-sell-my-car-to-cash-for-cars-com/1139/1

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