★ Money Challenge #13: Put Your Goals on an Index Card!

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This is part of our Weekly Money Challenge series.
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It’s still early enough in the year to create a plan for your money. And in the spirit of keeping things simple, we are challenging you to use an index card to do it!

This week’s challenge: Write your 12 month money plan on an index card.

Hopefully you’ve already got some money focused goals for this year. If not, now is a great time to make some!

Keep these goals mostly money focused, though no one is stopping you from including career and health related goals on it too. If it’s important to you, put it on the index card!

Then, tape the index card up somewhere you will see it everyday and share a picture of it in our forums so we can all gawk at it.

Derek, Master of Challenges


PS: This week’s challenge was inspired by the book The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated by Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack. Here’s the story of how the original Index Card Challenge came to be.

PPS: Curious to see how last week’s challenge went? Click here and scroll to the bottom.


Here’s what our very own J.Money had to say about his $$$ goals for the year…

Pretty simple:

1) Max out my Roth IRA
2) Max out my SEP IRA

They’ve been the same thing every year, haha, and figured as long as I do at least that there’s no way for our $$$ not to grow :slight_smile:

I did add a 3rd one in though:

3) Condense more of my accounts.

I’m almost done merging all my banking accounts from over the years, but have a cple more to go and will be nice and streamlined.

Go get ’em J!

See y’all next week.


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Last modified: March 5, 2017

9 Responses to :
★ Money Challenge #13: Put Your Goals on an Index Card!

  1. I did something like this during the Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month. It was helpful for both myself and Mr. Picky Pincher to keep a slip of paper with our long term goals in our wallets. Each time we spent money, we were confronted with our long term goals. It was a great way to snap us out of spendy periods and motivated us to be okay with the things we have.

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      Loved the Uber Frugal Month! I did it myself.

      I’ve got a friend who kept a small laminated piece of paper in his wallet. On one side was his weight lose goal and on the other side was his business income goal.

  2. I used to write down my goals multiple times a week in a notebook. I figured the focus and the fact of handwriting my goals so often would help me achieve those goals. And I did, I made tremendous progress towards my goals.
    Only 1 time I was doing this during a boring meeting at work. person next to me asked me what I was doing and seems to think I was a bit “over-the-top” :-)

    1. J. Money says:

      Over the top in AWESOMENESS!

    2. Derek Olsen says:

      If achieving goals is “over the top”, I’m coming with you!

  3. My big thing this year to keep me motivated towards my goals is that I’m doing monthly updates about how my goals are going to keep me accountable! I like this idea as well though! Thanks for your awesome creativity in these money challenges! Keep them coming!

    1. Derek Olsen says:

      Looking forward to following along Steven!

  4. One of my aims is to increase my Net Worth by 11% this year. (11% allows me to break a major barrier…)

    Now i could take a short-cut and increase my house value (about 30% of my net worth) because we have had a sudden jump in house prices round us, However that seems a bit sneaky, because I would rather count our increased net worth by things that we have positively influenced, be it more savings, less spending and/or good investments. Any views?

    1. J. Money says:

      Totally agree w/ that route! Especially since house values are always different depending on the source (Zillow, Redfin, Realtor, etc). When we owned i used to get a professional opinion from our realtor and then just keep it the same for the entire year when i’d ask again and get it updated. that way i didn’t go crazy always trying to figure out what it was, and my realtor didn’t mind because he knew I’d use him once it was time to sell – and I did :) (and his valuation was spot on! only $1,000 off haha….)

      So yes – def. love the idea of trying to increase it by taking action like saving or investing more :) The markets will sway it depending on how much $$$ you have invested of course, but you can at least control how much you’re putting in.

      Good luck! and sorry for the lame late response!

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