2019 Rockstar Rumble Participants

Note: Be sure to read this entire post since it contains details you're going to need if you're in the competition. I know that some will not read it completely (as evidenced by the first post in this series) but if you skip anything you do so at your own peril! Today it's my pleasure to announce the 128 posts competing in the 2019 Rockstar Rumble. You can find the complete list (in bracket format) here.


As you likely know, we announced the Rockstar Rumble in December with an initial plan to include 64 posts -- just like the NCAA men's basketball brackets contain 64 teams. But the submissions were off the chart for the second year in a row -- we had over double the number of submissions as we had spots! So though it doubled the effort, we increased the number of included posts to 128. For those not included, please do not be discouraged. Much of the process is subjective, so there were many good posts that could have been included too -- but simply missed out because another one was slightly better suited in our opinion. In addition the event remains something for everyone. All can participate by voting for their favorites and helping their friends do well in the competition. Thus the Rumble should be a good time for all.

Going Forward

For those of you in the competition, here's what will happen next:

  • The games will begin on Tuesday, January 22. They will include a post which will look similar to this.
  • The post will be included in that day's Rockstar Finance email which will invite readers to vote for their favorites.
  • The bloggers involved will be emailed as well to be sure they know their post is in an active game.
  • The games will remain live for 48 hours. During that time, if your post is involved, you can be active at soliciting votes -- emailing readers and friends, using social media, posting on your site, etc.
  • If you do this, please let everyone know that there is ONE VOTE PER PERSON. If we get the sense that anyone is making multiple votes to pad the results, that post will be disqualified. As such, we reserve the right to make any judgements we feel are appropriate throughout the competition. I wish we didn't even have to mention this, but I've run this sort of competition many times and there's always someone who takes a fun event and has to win at all costs. Please do not be that person.
  • A new set of games will be announced each day. As winners are named, we'll move from 128 posts to 64 to 32 and so on -- until one is declared the winner.

Whoever wants to follow all the games/posts can do so by viewing our Rockstar Rumble category and scrolling down to see them all. Good luck to all involved!