Rockstar Rumble: Finding the Best Money Post of 2017


Back in the day, I used to host a “March Madness”-style competition to find the best personal finance article of the year. Since Rockstar Finance is well-known for finding and sharing the best money articles on the web, what better place to rekindle such a competition?

Plus, this event usually drives a bunch of traffic for bloggers, all while being a lot of fun – so, why not?

How the Rockstar Rumble Works

Here are the basics of the competition:

  • Bloggers will submit their posts for consideration to the Rockstar Finance team
  • A total of 64 128 posts will be selected for the 2017/18 competition
  • Each one will be randomly assigned to a bracket of “games” similar to the one used for the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament
  • Rockstar will post rounds which will pit one post against another, listing the title of each post and a short description as well as linking to the full post
  • Each day’s competition will be featured on Rockstar’s daily curation email to ensure thousands know about the Rumble
  • Readers will vote for their favorite post
  • The post with the most votes wins that round (the Rockstar team will break any ties)
  • The winner will advance in the bracket to play again the next round
  • Ultimately, there will only be one post left — the champion for this season

The articles will be judged by what Rockstar Finance looks for in a great post.

As a summary, here’s the criteria:

  • Starts with an interesting title
  • Includes unique content — we like posts that are edgy, feisty, funny, failure-focused, and super helpful
  • Easy to read
  • Positive/uplifting (vs. negative)
  • Ultimately, the readers will decide what they like best by their votes

How to Enter

If you’re a blogger and have money-related posts you want to submit for consideration, please complete this form to enter.


Submissions will be accepted through Friday, January 5 at noon Eastern time.

At that time the Rockstar Finance team will begin selecting from among all the entries to pick the top 128.

Brackets will be announced by Friday, January 19 and the Rumble will begin on Monday, January 22.

You can submit one post per site. If you have more than one website, you can submit one post for each, though if accepted, your posts will face each other in the early rounds so only one will ultimately get very far. This ensures that we don’t have one blogger who’s great at promotion facing himself or herself in the finals. :)

If you do submit from multiple sites, please let us know in the notes section of the application.

And just to be clear: you can submit ONE post per site. Some people are submitting multiple posts. If you do that, all your posts will be disqualified.

Also, do not submit a post from a site other than your own (like a guest post you wrote on another site) since that site owner may submit his/her own piece.

By the way, we reserve the right to not accept or disqualify any post for any reason. In particular, posts that are laden with ad/affiliate offers and/or tons of obtrusive pop-ups/landing pages will not be accepted.

The Fabulous Prizes

Here’s what the winners receive:

  • First place — $100 in Amazon gift cards
  • Second place — $50 in Amazon gift cards
  • Third place — $25 Amazon gift card

Best of all, every participant will receive traffic, links to their posts, and the joy of rumbling it out with their fellow bloggers!

Why Readers Should Care

As readers, you get the chance to read some great pieces and help decide who wins this year’s championship.

It will be super fun — good stuff all the way around!

So what are you waiting for? Let the submissions begin!


The Rockstar Rumble is brought to you by Mediavine, a full-service ad management solution for digital content creators. Most of the Rockstar team uses Mediavine for their programmatic display ad management and recommends them to other money bloggers who are looking to grow their revenue. If you’re a blogger who has over 25k sessions a month (or are getting close), we suggest you consider Mediavine. If you’re not at that level yet, Rockstar is working on programs (including this one) to help you get there. Reach out to with any questions.

Last modified: January 4, 2018

50 Responses to :
Rockstar Rumble: Finding the Best Money Post of 2017

  1. Very cool. Submitted my entry! Looking forward to the Rumble!

  2. Stockles says:

    Agree, very very cool. Can´t wait for this rumble to start!

  3. Haha- what a fun idea and great opportunity… can’t wait!

  4. Barnaby says:

    January madness doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but I love the idea!

  5. Belle says:

    Excited to see the results! Let the games begin!

  6. Andy Hill says:

    Great idea! I’m in!

    Maybe I missed this part because I have a Christmas cookie hangover but … Can we submit posts that have already been shared in the forums or have been featured on RockStar?

    1. ESI Money says:

      Yes! Any post you’ve written — as long as it was in 2017.

      Good luck!

  7. So tough to choose a post, but this is exciting!

  8. Love it! Trying to find the perfect post….. :)

  9. Dave says:

    Sounds both exciting and fun. This will be a tough competition. I have read 100’s of great posts in 2017.

  10. Awesome idea!!! I love it :)

  11. Great idea. Just submitted my post, and I am ready to rumble.

  12. It’s a holiday over here in Canada, but woke up at 5am for this :-) Thanks for this great opportunity RSF team. You guys rock!!!

  13. Moose says:

    On like Donkey Kong. Awesome idea!

  14. Jason Butler says:

    This sounds fun. I’m game!

  15. Oh man – I love this idea! I’m going to submit my entry right now!

  16. Ready, set go … I’m in

  17. OMGF says:

    I got so excited I tried to submit my entire library of posts. Can’t wait for this to kick off.

  18. Awesome idea, can’t wait to read all these posts!

  19. prosperlyway says:

    Awesome idea. This will be super fun!

  20. Love this idea! What a fun way to start the new year!

  21. Ohh, this is a really cool idea. I can’t wait to see all the good content I missed tia year (and add mine to the mix).

  22. Great idea and a sporting chance for everyone. This will be ten times more fun than the typical bracket!

  23. BusyMom says:

    I am so glad that I am still new and don’t have a whole year with of posts. That was hard to pick

  24. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!! This is awesome! Will be fun to be a part of it.

  25. MrWow says:

    Well… I miss read it. I submitted one for each of us, since there’s two of us (Mr & Mrs) that write for our blog. I hope that’s ok. If not, sorry. I just wanted each blogger to have a shot.

    Regardless…. My fault. Just too excited to get them in I guess.

    Can you imagine our house if we combat each other though? On man!!!

    1. ESI says:

      It’s one post per site, so you’ll have to choose one (or we’ll do it for you).

      1. MrWow says:

        Sounds like a plan… sorry about that. But pick a good one…

  26. ESI says:

    Just to keep everyone informed, we’re up to 120 posts submitted and the deadline isn’t until January 5! We’re considering expanding the tournament to 128 posts to give as many people a chance as possible. Stay tuned for updates and keep submitting if you haven’t already.

  27. Jenny says:

    We’re happy to support our publishers and the Rockstar Rumble. If you have any questions on Mediavine, feel free to email Good luck to all contestants!

  28. This is fun. I got those butterflies like I did after tryouts in high school b-ball. Did I make the cut coach? lol

    Hope I make the 64.

    1. ESI says:

      We are actually expanding the field to 128 since we have over 140 entries now.

      We won’t begin narrowing down the finalists until the entry deadline has passed.

      1. The Scientist says:

        Wow cool. Good luck all!

  29. Ross says:

    Awesome idea! Can’t wait to read all of the wonderful posts and see who is left standing at the end.

  30. This is a healthy competition. It will encourage bloggers to strive for excellence

  31. Gina says:

    Love the idea, so excited to join.
    Question, is it okay to update the post from 2017 with more updated info before submission?

    1. ESI says:

      If you’re talking about just changing facts/figures, then there’s no problem.

      If it’s a major re-write just to make it “better”, we’d prefer you leave it as-is.

  32. ESI says:


    We have over 180 posts submitted.

    128 will be selected for the Rumble this year.

    Final submission deadline is this Friday as noted above.

  33. Hi! Question: I blog anonymously. I don’t mind giving Rockstar Finance my name, but will it be displayed on the competition if I fill in the name field? Thanks!

    1. ESI says:

      You can use your “blogger name” — like I would use “ESI”. ;)

  34. Andy Hill says:

    Submitted! Let’s get ready to rumble!

  35. ESI, missed the boat on submitting my post on time. Let me know if there’s a way I could still send the URL of the one I had in mind.

    1. ESI Money says:

      I’m sorry, there’s not. The deadline has passed and we already have over 260 entries.

      You can participate this year by voting for others and then enter next year by submitting your own entry.

  36. Kate says:

    I didn’t submit anything because I thought I had to have just written it. I didn’t realize it could be an older post, but now I see all sorts of posts in the rumble and am inspired to submit if this happens again. Hope you do this again so I can enter!

  37. Shawn @ NMI says:

    Man, I totally missed out on this. Oh well – perhaps next year I’ll be better prepared! Good luck to everyone!

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