The Best from Rockstar Finance for December 25, 2018

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Today’s Features

You Don’t Need More Money, You Need to Be Mindful

Picture living your life to the fullest and using your money to help others. You’re still buying nice things while reaching important financial goals. Doesn’t this sound good? You have what it takes to turn your financial life around. Mindfully spending $20 won’t feel life-changing, but you’ll maximize your spending. You’ll feel more grateful, satisfied, and be a better person for this.

The Market Sucks So I’m Buying Real Estate

I came to the realization that while I had read a lot of research and bought into the strategy of 40 year buy and hold investments and passive indexing, I had been keeping my mind closed to other investment strategies. And while I originally was aiming for financial independence in 15 years, I realized I’d like the security of being financially independent much sooner.

Is the Whole Idea of FIRE Just a Fantasy?

As far as alarm clocks go . . . most of the “FIRE people” I know aren’t trying to escape to a life where alarm clocks aren’t needed because they have nothing on their schedules and can sleep 18 hours a day. We’re trying to create a life for ourselves where alarm clocks aren’t needed because we’re awakened by a the freedom to pursue our own passions without the worry of bringing home a paycheck.

What I Learned from a Month of Tracking Everything

During the month of November 2018, I set a goal to track everything. I decided to track my drinking, eating, waste, exercise, spending, sleep and work, and ended up tracking everything for 30 straight days.

Saving $250k Was Only the Second Best Early Christmas Gift I Gave My Wife

So yeah, after about two hours of work – research, opening the accounts with the representative walking us through the self evident process over the phone, and more paperwork for the rollover – we saved almost $250k (well, will have saved 250k in 23 years. let’s not quibble over tense). That’s nearly $125,000/hour. We’ll never make that much money in such a short time ever again.

Rockstar Guest Curator

Camilo and Francisco run The Finance Twins , where they’re on a mission to simplify personal finance and make important financial information more accessible. Raised in poverty, the twins overcame adversity to reach the highest levels of academic success. With degrees from top academic institutions including an M.B.A. from Harvard and an M.D. from the Mayo Clinic, the twins have seen the disparity in financial knowledge between social classes. They’re working to close that gap.

You may have noticed that Rockstar Finance looks a bit different lately. For details on the exciting changes, check out Feature Changes at Rockstar Finance.

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