Rockstar Rumble, Round 5, Posts 1-8

Here are the latest games in the fifth round of the 2018 Rockstar Rumble. We've listed each "game" (one post versus another) along with wording provided by the author when the post was submitted. Also listed is a keyword after each post title to make it easy to vote. Be sure to vote for your favorites since you will help determine the winner! Criteria for the best article is what makes Rockstar content which includes these factors:

  • Starts with an interesting title
  • Includes unique content — we like posts that are edgy, feisty, funny, failure-focused, and super helpful
  • Easy to read
  • Positive/uplifting (vs. negative)

The voting will run for 48 hours. At that point, a winner will be named and will advance. You can follow the results in the brackets here. Please note, there is ONE VOTE PER PERSON. To be sure you see all games, click on the Rumble category link and scroll down. If you like great posts like these featured, you can subscribe to the Rockstar Finance weekday email and get the best personal finance articles delivered to your inbox. Today's games are brought to you by Mediavine, a full-service ad management solution for digital content creators. Here are today's games: GAME 1

  • Know Thyself - Why I Am Scared to Travel Hack (Scared) - We have all heard about how great and easy travel hacking is. Alas for some of us what sounds good in theory causes major anxiety. I chronicle almost 20 years of trying to master credit cards and the lessons I've learned. A very personal take on a topic we've heard so much about.


  • Why You Should Invest, Even In Peak Markets (Peak) - As the market continues to rise to new heights and higher valuations, many are wondering if it is best to "wait for a crash". But if you're investing in for the long-term, this post outlines why you're better off getting your money in the market today, even if this might really be the peak!

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  • The Wealth-Health Connection - How Does It Affect You? (Health) - Being a doctor doesn’t make me an obvious choice for financial advice, but I see the consequences of poor money-management skills every day amongst the sick. I wanted to highlight my understanding of how money can make a difference to our health and how this has an impact globally.

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  • Average Net Worth by Age – A Look at American’s Wealth & How You Stack Up (Worth) - When you ask Americans to share what they think of as the average/median of anything, they always over-estimate. One of those over-estimates is median net worth (and income!) - it's much lower than you'd expect. I took data from the U.S. Census, charted it out, and really dig into the data across age, education and other factors. It was a fun post to write, I learned a lot, and was shocked how much of American's net worth is home equity.


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  • Hard Work Doesn't Pay (Pay) - The American Dream says that if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll be fairly rewarded with wealth and success. But is this still true? This article helps readers understand how the modern economy is different from our parents’ economy and how we can (and must!) follow new rules to succeed.


  • The Personal Finance Triple Constraint (Triple) - I belong to a lot of financial forums and there seems to be this constant competition between people who just want to figure out their money, people who really want to optimize, and people who are looking to get really wealthy. I wanted to highlight the inherent competition between these concepts and talk about the tradeoff - that it is virtually impossible to achieve all three at the same time. I'm hoping people use this post to think about what they really want and focus their effort on that!

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