Rockstar Rumble, Round 4, Posts 1-8


Here are the latest games in the fourth round of the 2018 Rockstar Rumble.

We’ve listed each “game” (one post versus another) along with wording provided by the author when the post was submitted. Also listed is a keyword after each post title to make it easy to vote. Be sure to vote for your favorites since you will help determine the winner!

Criteria for the best article is what makes Rockstar content which includes these factors:

  • Starts with an interesting title
  • Includes unique content — we like posts that are edgy, feisty, funny, failure-focused, and super helpful
  • Easy to read
  • Positive/uplifting (vs. negative)

The voting will run for 48 hours. At that point, a winner will be named and will advance. You can follow the results in the brackets here. Please note, there is ONE VOTE PER PERSON.

To be sure you see all games, click on the Rumble category link and scroll down.

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Here are today’s games:


  • Know Thyself – Why I Am Scared to Travel Hack (Scared) – We have all heard about how great and easy travel hacking is. Alas for some of us what sounds good in theory causes major anxiety. I chronicle almost 20 years of trying to master credit cards and the lessons I’ve learned. A very personal take on a topic we’ve heard so much about.


  • The Epic Battle Against the Ball Gag 401k (Gag) – One man’s battle to bring peace and harmony to the retirement plans of a former company. With a little moxy, a lot of research and a little bit of luck, he changes the financial future of all the employees from here until eternity.

Round 4, Game 1: Scared vs. Gag

  • Scared (56%, 277 Votes)
  • Gag (44%, 214 Votes)

Total Voters: 491

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  • The Final Words Of A Dying Man (Final) – While so many of us chase short term goals in life, it’s important to pause and appreciate someone who demonstrated a special quality with his life. Jim was that man, and his final words were just another example of why his life was so unique. We should all learn from Jim – he deserves that.


  • Why You Should Invest, Even In Peak Markets (Peak) – As the market continues to rise to new heights and higher valuations, many are wondering if it is best to “wait for a crash”. But if you’re investing in for the long-term, this post outlines why you’re better off getting your money in the market today, even if this might really be the peak!

Round 4, Game 2: Final vs. Peak

  • Peak (69%, 224 Votes)
  • Final (31%, 101 Votes)

Total Voters: 325

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  • The secret to saving money is to trick yourself into being poor (Trick) – Not all of us are natural savers. For the spenders who want to save money, there are ways to work around your spending tendencies, and convert your habits into ones that are more frugal-inclined. It’s all about power of the mind (AKA you can’t spend your money if it isn’t actually there).

Round 4, Game 3: Mistake vs. Trick

  • Mistake (73%, 201 Votes)
  • Trick (27%, 75 Votes)

Total Voters: 276

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  • The Wealth-Health Connection – How Does It Affect You? (Health) – Being a doctor doesn’t make me an obvious choice for financial advice, but I see the consequences of poor money-management skills every day amongst the sick. I wanted to highlight my understanding of how money can make a difference to our health and how this has an impact globally.


  • Once you’ve bought it, it’s your problem (Problem) – Rarely do we think about the downside of consumption except for the monetary cost. But the cost of buying “stuff” runs much deeper and has a more profound impact on us that we’re not generally aware of until it becomes painfully obvious. Stress, anxiety, time and precious energy is also invested into everything we buy. But are we investing those resources into the things that make us better, happier human beings?

Round 4, Game 4: Health vs. Problem

  • Health (60%, 162 Votes)
  • Problem (40%, 109 Votes)

Total Voters: 271

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ESI is the owner of Rockstar Finance and writes at ESI Money, a blog about achieving financial independence through earning, saving, and investing (ESI).

He’s an early 50’s retiree who achieved financial independence, shares what’s worked for him, and details how others can implement those successes in their lives. He is also the author of a free ebook titled Three Steps to Financial Independence and spends a lot of his time interviewing millionaires.

Last modified: March 4, 2018

3 Responses to :
Rockstar Rumble, Round 4, Posts 1-8

  1. Alice says:

    It’s getting so much faster to read these posts since I’ve read them all like four times now. But deciding between two is getting harder.

  2. Sharon Cochrane says:

    Good luck.
    Money doesn’t make you happy but lack of it and poor management can totally adversely affect your health and make you ill

  3. ESI says:

    This round is now over and voting has closed.

    The winners are:


    The brackets will be updated to reflect these results.

    Thanks to all for playing and voting. Congrats to the winners!

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