Rockstar Rumble, Round 1, Posts 73-80

Here are the latest games in the first round of the 2019 Rockstar Rumble. We've listed each "game" (one post versus another) along with wording provided by the author when the post was submitted. Also listed is a keyword after each post title to make it easy to vote. Be sure to vote for your favorites since you will help determine the winner! Criteria for the best article is what makes Rockstar content which includes these factors:

  • Starts with an interesting title
  • Includes unique content — we like posts that are edgy, feisty, funny, failure-focused, and super helpful
  • Easy to read
  • Positive/uplifting (vs. negative)

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  • Retiring Early: Is Early Retirement For The Crazy and Boring? (Crazy) -- For most people, retirement means something that only older people do after decades and decades of working. Even though it takes a lot of work and planning to retire early, some seem to think that early retirees aren’t very smart, are lazy, or even boring. Some assume early retirees haven’t saved enough and are naively thinking their money will last forever. Some assume early retirees just want to stop working because they are lazy. Others think that early retirees just sit around all day and do nothing in order to save money.


  • Why The Financial Independence Community Matters (Matters) -- Financial Independence is a lifestyle. It’s not for everyone. But just like any hobby or passion – sports, arts, theater, cooking, another language, etc., financial independence is a common goal of a community. Being part of a group of like-minded people is invaluable for a number of reasons.

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  • The Ten Commandments Of Retirement (Commandments) -- 3 Months before I FIRE'd in 2018, I wrote these 10 Commandments Of Retirement. They're what matter to me - the priorities for my retirement. Realize what's important for you, and build your life around it.


  • Loneliness and Sadness in Early Retirement (Sadness) -- Everyone wants early retirement to be filled with rainbows, unicorns, and shooting stars. Yet the reality is, there are moments of loneliness and sadness in early retirement. In this post I explore those emotions and look at how I have been able to overcome them and enjoy my early retirement.

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  • Is Retiring Early Really the Best Thing for Our Family? (Best) -- Getting your partner on-board with FIRE is one of the most critical steps to actually making it happen. Mrs. R2R wrote this amazingly candid post that gives a different take on the whole idea. The best part was that this was at the beginning of the year when I was hoping to retire in a couple years... before I broke it to her that I wanted to move up the date to the end of 2018!


  • The One Way To Fast Track Your Financial Independence (Fast) -- Achieving Financial Independence is less about the maths and more about Design Thinking and bringing Creativity and Imagination to the FI framework. This post explores why Personal Development is the one way to fast track your financial independence. It offers practical tips on how to develop personally and makes it clear why not everyone will achieve Financial Independence.

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  • The Shockingly Scary Difference Between Healthy FIRE and Unhealthy FIRE (Difference) -- There's a fine line between healthy financial literacy and an unhealthy obsession with money. How do you know if you're spending too much time thinking about it? By constantly reassessing and growing both your finances and your relationship with money, you can take steps today to improve both.


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