★ Rich Habit #3: Devoting 30 Minutes a Day to Learning

This is part of our Rich Habits series. Be sure to check out all previous habits we’ve covered.

Successful people engage in self-improvement every day. For the most part, this involves reading. They read anything and everything related to their job, their business, a dream they are pursuing or the goals behind their dreams. They become students of their industry, profession, trade or niche and keep up-to-date with changes that occur. They do not waste their time on things like TV, watching movies or scouring the internet. Each day successful individuals devote blocks of time to better themselves by studying subject matter that will improve them in some way or by practicing some skill. This daily habit eventually transforms them into experts or professionals in their field.

Successful People See Time as the Most Valuable Asset They Possess

They coordinate their dreams and goals with daily self-improvement. This may involve obtaining an additional license, a degree or developing a new niche. They are continuously engaged in some constructive project to increase their skill-sets, promote their business or careers, keep their minds sharp or expand their knowledge. Knowledge and learning are the foundation and springboard for success. It’s impossible to know everything, to be a know-it-all. Therefore, you must focus your study on specific areas that will create the greatest return for the time you invest in your learning.

Let’s Touch on These Key Areas:

  1. Learn everything about your job and the industry you are in.
  2. Learn everything about the things you are passionate about in life.
  3. Learn everything about the people who are important in your life.
  4. Learn everything about significant current events.
  5. Learn at least one new fact every day.
  6. Learn at least one new word every day.
  7. Learn about one novel thing every month, something outside your comfort zone that will challenge your thinking.

Unsuccessful people are not students of their industry, profession or trade. They do not engage in daily practice to perfect a skill. They do not routinely follow their industry. They do not regularly read industry periodicals. They would rather spend hours each day watching television, reading for entertainment or surfing the net. They use rationalisation to justify their negligence in improving themselves. Self-improvement involves engaging in some activity every day that will improve your mind, expand your knowledge or hone your skills. Expanding knowledge within your industry is a self-improvement activity that you must engage in. This can be done by regularly reading your industry periodicals and advancing your career by obtaining additional licenses, skill-sets or new niches for your business. Career-specific self-improvement activities are necessary to increase skills and take advantage of opportunities. You will notice that, as your knowledge base grows, or as your skills improve, opportunities begin to present themselves. Choose a time when there are fewer distractions and you can set aside a block of time. Sometimes this is possible in the early morning hours prior to beginning your normal workday. At a minimum, set aside 30 minutes each day for these activities. Thirty minutes per day may not seem like much, but over time it adds up to a significant amount of self-improvement. No matter what time of the day works best for you, engage in daily self-improvement activities without interruptions.

In Summary

Successful people devote a minimum of 30 minutes each day to learning and improving their skills.