★ Rich Habit #12: Never Quitting On Your Dreams

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This is part of our Rich Habits series, by best-selling author Tom Corley.
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Those with the most persistence are the most successful in life and accumulate the most wealth. Successful people pursue their dreams until they succeed, die or become incapacitated. Not even bankruptcy or divorce stops them from pursuing their dreams.

Persistence means taking action every day on the goals behind our dreams, whether we feel like it or not. It means never giving in to our doubts. Some days go our way, but most of the days will not.

Realizing a Dream Takes Time and Persistence

What sets successful people apart from everyone else is that they persist even when life does not cooperate and fills their mind with doubts.

Persistence means we stay on task despite all of the mistakes. Successful people view their mistakes as nothing more than learning experiences. Persistence means we pick ourselves up after suffering devastating failure after failure. We only fail when we quit.

Persistence means not letting rejection or being ignored stop us from moving forward. We cannot take it personally. We need to take emotion out of it. When we get rejected or ignored we need to move on.

Persistence means not allowing distractions to shift our focus. It’s easy to let distractions get in the way. Successful people push aside distractions and focus on what’s important. They have a big picture view that acts like a force field, deflecting all distractions from their path.

Persistence means not letting fear stop us in our tracks. Fear is the main reason most quit on a dream. Successful people make a habit of taking action, despite their fears.

Most unsuccessful people do not pursue their dreams. They are held back by fear and doubt. They do not believe in themselves enough to pursue a dream. They have limiting beliefs that tell them they are not smart enough, educated enough, hard-working enough or capable of pursuing their dreams.

Those few unsuccessful people who do pursue their dreams eventually quit. They fall victim to Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Unsuccessful people perpetually chase something new because the thing they were previously pursuing did not immediately pay off, was too hard or was just taking far longer than they expected.

In Summary

Successful people pursue their dreams no matter what. They understand it takes both time and persistence to accomplish them. Unsuccessful people are held back by fear and doubt.

Tom is a CPA and the author of the best-selling book, “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.” He will be sharing a new habit with us every Thursday as part of our Rich Habits Series, and can be found online at RichHabits.net.

Last modified: April 16, 2017

5 Responses to :
★ Rich Habit #12: Never Quitting On Your Dreams

  1. This is a tough one. I know some people who blindly pursue dreams that are kinda silly–like that guy who made the “Jump To Conclusions” mat in Office Space. They waste so much of their lives and time on something that might not be well thought-out or useful. So I would add the caveat that you shouldn’t give up on your crazy-yet-somewhat-realistic goals.

    My dream is to blog full time, and I’ve only recently started seeing blips of success on the horizon. I had to get over my fear of spending money on a blog (fear of failure, after all) and just do it.

    1. I would argue that we should also pursue the not so well thought-out ideas. If I pursue something like the “Jump To Conclusions” mat I could learn soooo much about marketing, prototyping, researching market demand for this ridiculous product. Even if it blew up in my face and never made me a dime, I would learn tons about business. Then, when then next idea came about I could pounce on that with my previously acquired knowledge.
      So sure, some ideas sound like they don’t make sense to pursue, but if we do follow them and learn from the experience, we will be better off than not pursuing them at all. My mind is excellent at coming up with reasons ideas aren’t well thought-out. I’d rather not find excuses to avoid action but instead, determine what I will get out of the process in the midst of failure.

      1. J. Money says:

        You guys are REALLY making me want one of those Jump To Conclusion maps :) I bet you could totally sell them actually!

  2. Tom Corley says:

    I failed once in business so I understand exactly what you’re saying here. I was the last one standing out of 20. Luck plays a bigger factor in success than many successful people care to admit. We just didn’t get lucky and the venture, after 4 years, failed due to lack of working capital. The key point I want to make here is that persistence does not necessarily mean you will succeed. But the people who do get lucky are those who are the most persistent. Persistence buys you a members only lottery ticket. But it’s still a lottery ticket. If you want to succeed you need luck and luck has a way of visiting the most persistent.

  3. This gives me hope. I know that if I keep pursuing the dream we have, it can happen. It may not be tomorrow, but it will happen. I have to stay focused and not forget what it is that I am working for. No more distractions. Time to really buckle down and GET TO WORK! Thank you for sharing! I needed this.

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