★ Rich Habit #10: Controlling Your Words and Emotions

This is part of our Rich Habits series, by best-selling author Tom Corley. Be sure to check out all previous habits we’ve covered!

Not every thought needs to come out of your mouth, and not every emotion needs to be expressed. Successful people are the masters of their words and emotions. They understand that saying whatever is on your mind could damage relationships with individuals who could help move them forward in achieving their dreams and goals. They do not fall prey to anger, jealousy, excitability, sadness or other petty emotions. They cast out all bad emotions. They do not allow them even a second of life. They understand that negative emotions cause them to make bad decisions that result in bad consequences. They replace these bad emotions with positive emotions. They use the following technique when faced with a difficult situation that presents itself: “Think, Evaluate and React.”  Thinking gives them time to understand the situation. Evaluating the situation buys more time to determine the correct course of action. Reacting is the last thing they do and most likely will be the appropriate reaction, as they took the time to choose their reaction.

The Words We Use Every Day Create Perceptions

Words are like magnets, drawing to us all sorts of people. Rich people figured that out long before they ever became rich. The more words you know, the better your ability to communicate what you know. If you want to create the perception that you are smart, you must increase your knowledge of words and use them in conversation. Learning new words helps you grow as an individual. They increase your confidence. They transform you. Successful people are very much aware of the words they use when they communicate to others. They choose words that will not offend others. They use words to reinforce the perception they have of themselves and use their words to also reinforce the perception others have about them. Successful people are too busy to allow themselves to sink into a negative emotional state. They engage in productive activities, which take their minds off their troubles. They are constantly engaged in projects or self-improvement activities that promote positive feelings about themselves. Successful people feel as if they have total control over their emotions. Unsuccessful people are unaware of the words they are using every day. They unknowingly use words that offend others, damaging relationships. They use words that create a perception in the eyes of others that is not favorable. Unsuccessful people fall prey to petty emotions. They let their emotions rule their behavior. They become easily depressed and feel as if they have no control over their lives. They react before thinking. They have adopted the bad habit of “Ready, Fire, Aim.” As a consequence, there are many unsuccessful people sitting in prisons throughout the world.

In Summary

Successful people master their words and emotions every day. Unsuccessful people fall prey to them.