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17 Times Clark Griswold Overspent During Christmas Vacation

The other night while watching “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” I noticed Clark Griswold overspends quite a bit due to unexpected expenses. And I got an idea. An awful idea. A wonderful, awful idea. Being a movie/personal finance nerd I decided to keep a list of all the unforeseen costs.

When High Incomes Don’t Automatically Build Wealth

And, one of the comments that I get a lot goes something like this: “If I made $250,000 a year, I’d be retired too!” – almost like it’s automatic. But, here’s the thing: You probably wouldn’t. I mean, you could. But, large salaries also come with a deceiving belief that you’re “rich”, and when you’re “rich”, you can afford to upgrade your lifestyle. To spend a little more on nicer things. If you aren’t careful, it quickly spirals out of control.

How to Survive Moving Back in With Your Parents

Moving back home isn’t something you should take lightly, embarrassment aside. Your parents thought you would be gone for good, and they’ve probably gotten used to living their best life. Did your Mom turn your bedroom into a sewing room?

True Wealth is Invisible

Assets, for the most part, are invisible….while liabilities are loud, obnoxious and take up a lot of space. Think about it….The huge, off-white Mercedes G Wagon Truck….Liability. It’s large shiny, and quite impressive to look at. However, the title of ownership, that allows the bank to fleece Mr. Jones at 8-9% each monthly payment, because Mr. Jones has poor credit, is invisible.

Be Kind To Yourself This Christmas Season

The days and weeks leading up to Christmas is the most stressful and hectic time of my year. I work in retail so I am immersed in the endless commercialization of Christmas – buy, buy, buy … did you forget anything, anybody? Buy, buy, buy…

Rockstar Guest Curator

Camilo and Francisco run The Finance Twins , where they’re on a mission to simplify personal finance and make important financial information more accessible. Raised in poverty, the twins overcame adversity to reach the highest levels of academic success. With degrees from top academic institutions including an M.B.A. from Harvard and an M.D. from the Mayo Clinic, the twins have seen the disparity in financial knowledge between social classes. They're working to close that gap.

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