Why You Should Consider or Reconsider Reddit

The following is an excerpt from a free ebook (attached at bottom) by Michael Dinich from Your Money Geek. Michael is one of the Rockstar Finance VIB success stories, having taken his blog from virtually zero to 50k sessions (and getting approved by Mediavine) in four months. Much of his success can be attributed to his expertise with various social media platforms.


“Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to lift no heavy ass weights” – Ronnie Coleman

Reddit is not a social media platform you should ignore. It’s the third most visited website in the United States, with a reported 542 million monthly visitors. (Need I say more?)

Still not convinced? Twitter, as of first quarter 2018, has 336 million monthly users. Reddit is almost double the monthly traffic of Twitter.

If you are familiar with the importance of sharing your content on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook then you can certainly respect the necessity of being on Reddit. To promote your content, you need to be in front of your audience, and chances are they are on Reddit.

Unlike Pinterest and the others, Reddit users tend to engage with content better, they have a much lower bounce rate, and they tend to click through pages, comment, and engage with your site more than traffic from other social media. Reddit is a platform you will want to focus on and maintain a presence.

Tip: In my experience Reddit users tend to be less inclined to sign up for email lists. If you only judge success by the amount of email opt-ins, then you will need to develop a powerful lead magnet.

Reddit has the power to drive more traffic and build more authority for you and your site than any other form of social media. I have seen a successful decent Reddit submission drive over 8k views to a website. Average Reddit submissions can drive a few thousand views, and mediocre posts are still capable of a few hundred views. A post that goes “viral” on Reddit can produce 100s of thousands of views.

New content producers that are starting out, will not see those kinds of figures from other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For a new content producer in the early stages of building a brand/blog, being able to drive that kind of traffic can be instrumental in getting the blog to take off.

Reddit is not just for the aspiring blogger, even the more experienced blogger or content producer should develop a presence on the site. Established brands are always looking for ways to break past plateaus, a few successful posts a week on Reddit could efficiently produce an extra 10k to 20K additional views a month.

Tip: Google analytics tends to record Reddit traffic as direct.

Getting those numbers will not be easy work, but it’s not hard work either. To be successful on Reddit, you must build credibility, establish authority and learn the rules. To do so, you are going to have to invest some time every day on your Reddit strategy.

I often tell content producers about Reddit, and they will remark they “do not have time for Reddit”. Ironically, I usually see these bloggers goofing around on Twitter with other bloggers. Networking on Twitter is fun and has it place in growing a blog, and it feeds your ego. However, if you want to feed your wallet and you have limited time, your time is better spent on Reddit.

Want to know more? Download the free ebook “How to Drive Traffic with Reddit” below.

How to Drive Traffic with Reddit

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I’ve been resisting signing up for Reddit. Idk how you all manage being active on all these platforms. I guess I need to make the time and set it up. Didn’t realize it has almost twice the traffic as Twitter. Definitely sounds like it needs to be included. Thx!

Hey Michael, I enjoyed the post and the guide and found them extremely organized, specific and useful. But one question remains. What name did you use for your reddit account. I use my own name all over the place and am not sure if I should use a derivation of my real name or an acutal pseudonym. For example, my name is Barbara Friedberg, and many know me by Barb. So would Barbie Friedberg be appropriate, BobbieF or a completely distinct name? Thanks for your insights.


I actually had a bit of a problem with this as well because my URL is my name.

Remember, the goal is not to deceive Reddit or Redditors that you not a blogger. You can be Barb a Reddit user who blogs. You just cannot be a blog who has a Reddit account.

If you are putting in the work, people are going to know you have a blog.

However, they won’t care or see it as spam because you are adding so much value and being a leader, that when you post your content, it is valuable, purposeful, and relevant.

Hello Barb

Time management is a struggle for me; I am easily distracted by passion projects. Luckily, ESI Money has pointed me in the correct direction a few times.

Additionally, I have been interviewing successful actors, producers, and influencers and learning from the time management and the need for a disciplined approach.

Faced with too much work and too little time, you need to focus your efforts where they will be the most effective.

I believe time spent on Reddit will out perform time spent on other social media. My own feeling is if I had to only pick two channels it would be Reddit and Twitter.

If I could only pick one channel, it would be Reddit, and I would use a tool like Viral Content Bee to be represented on the other platforms.

You can automate the other social media channels and have reasonable success, however you have to be hands-on with Reddit.

Hi Michael. Thank you for putting this excellent guide together! I have been curious about Reddit, but didn’t know how to get started. It intrigues me because of the long term & strategic nature of the opportunity for a blogger. I have 2 questions if you don’t mind taking a minute to assist…

1) When you your refer to a Reddit post, I think of a 750-2000 word blog post. Is this correct or is a Reddit post more brief discussion oriented comments among participants.

2) If I do not ever self promote my blog, how do Reddit users find it and desire to go to it? I can’t quite make this connection in my mind.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and again for the great guide. I have read it twice and suspect I will refer back often.


Hello Tom

Every SubReddit has a different culture and they all view self-promotion very differently.

Some subreddits believe if you touched the content in any way and post it, then you are spamming the site.

Other subreddits believe that if the post is valuable and you are contributing more than your own content then you may make the post.

When in doubt message the mods and ask if you can post, if it’s great content they likely will approve it.

It comes down to getting involved and learning the community you want to be a part of. Now, one tip I can give is avoid leaving overly long text posts, most redditors prefer brevity.

If you have a very detailed how to, provide a synopsis of the steps and link back to your site for more detailed info.

Hi Michael,

Massive thanks for the download. Much appreciated!

I had the same questions as Barbara. Many thanks for answering those too.

A friend in the UK told me about the need for Reddit and I couldn’t quite justify the returns. You’ve most certainly answered that question for me.

A word of caution, Reddit is full of haters. I like it, but man have I had my ass handed to me over there. Sometimes I think some comment will go over well and it get downvoted all to hell and back. Reddit is not for the occasional dabbler, get in and learn the community as Michael suggests, it is rewarding eventually.

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