Wednesday Hits: Finances After 40

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Finances After 40: FIREstarting After 40

“I dreaded my 47th birthday – I don’t know why, precisely. Just that I woke up one day, really stressed and anxious that I would be retiring with not ‘enough’. At this stage, I did not know what my ‘enough’ was or when I could possibly retire.”

Why Money Issues Are Hardest for the Rich and the Poor

“Personal finance isn’t all that different.  Those people near the bottom experience lots of chronic, daily stress around money that impacts their whole lives.  For example, the famed Whitehall study found that even when you control for smoking, level of exercise, and other factors, lower socioeconomic status is still associated with higher cardiovascular mortality. However, people near the top have their own set of money problems.”

7 Steps to Avoid Budget Burnout

“The moment you start to feel like budgeting is burdensome and pointless (or that you just want to throw in the towel altogether), you’ve likely reached the point of budget burnout.”

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