★ Rockstar Giveaways: Two Cents, For Your Two Cents!

Good luck!

This Week's Giveaway: An 1865 Two-Cent Piece

So in that regard alone you should be clamoring all over this! But in the off chance you're not, here's a little history lesson in case it sweetens the deal:

The two-cent piece was produced by the Mint of the United States for circulation from 1864 to 1872 and for collectors in 1873... The economic turmoil of the American Civil War caused government-issued coins, even the non-silver Indian Head cent, to vanish from circulation, hoarded by the public... Although initially popular in the absence of other federal coinage, the two-cent piece's place in circulation was usurped by other non-precious metal coins which Congress subsequently authorized, the three-cent piece and the nickel. It was abolished in 1873; large quantities were redeemed by the government and melted. - Wikipedia(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-cent_piece%28UnitedStates_coin%29)

Imagine the hit you'd be at the Christmas parties this month spreading that knowledge around? And then the looks on their faces when you whip it out of your pocket?! Hot. Damn.

So if you want a piece of our nation's history, here's your shot.

Answer this question below in the comments and you shall be entered to win:

What's the best two cents advice you can offer us? Whether in life, money, etc?

The best answer gets it, and the most ridiculous one will be awarded our booby prize... Can never say that we're not fair ;) See you back here next week with another awesome giveaway.... Hope you're enjoying all the new series so far! Another one drops tomorrow! **GIVEAWAY OVER** Congrats to “k.Jam” who won the coin, and double congrats to “Investment Hunting” for winning the booby prize: a bag of chocolate coins ;) ***** PS: We'll run this until Tuesday at midnight, and then announce the winner back on this same page here... As well as what the booby prize was (!). Bonus points btw to the winners who send us back pics holding their prizes :) UPDATE: Got a message from the new owner of the coin, haha... Love it: "Here she is, horribly back-illuminated by the sunset at sea, about 100 miles offshore.  We had calm conditions on this one, thankfully!  At first I really didn't like the picture because you can't see the face of the coin. On second thought, though, I took this on an exhausting trip to make more modern coin. Maybe the picture is some deep commentary on the ever-changing shape of what humans have held valuable over history, illuminated yet hidden by the sun, a widely worshipped symbol of time itself. Or something."