Tuesday Hits: You Are what You Spend, Maximize Career or Adventure?

Budget Alignment: You Are What You Spend

“Looking at my list of trends and themes, it came time for a reckoning: Is this who I am? Is this what I value? Did I want a closet full of clothes I got because they were on sale, or did I want an actual emergency fund? Did I care about cute throw pillows that ended up on the floor covered in dog hair, or did I want to pay off my private student loans? ”


Maximize Career or Adventure?

“The premise is this: folks out there know some form of career is necessary, but they’re overwhelmed by the idea of 40+ years of something that isn’t the dream job. Oh yeah, and they’re obsessed with rock climbing.”


Your Financial Plan is a Compass, Not a Map

“But there’s a bigger concept here: we don’t create a financial plan to tell us to the decimal place what to do with our money. We create a financial plan to give our money a purpose.”

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