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Tuesday Hits: Taking a $22,000 Pay Cut, Replacing My Income with Airbnb

Why I’m Taking a $22,000 Pay Cut

“Didn’t I like my current job? and what about the plan to retire in 10 years time? My current job pays amazingly well for a new-ish teacher and it’s with people I love, so why am I leaving?”


Guest Post: How this Combat Veteran replaced his income with Airbnb

“I asked him to share his story with you because I find it such an excellent example of how when the right opportunity drops in your lap, you just put your head down, educate yourself and keeping moving forward.”


Guide to Owner Financing: Buy a Home Without a Bank

Though a viable financing strategy, owner/seller financing is often overlooked, misunderstood and mischaracterized. If you’ve read any other articles on this subject, it’s likely you don’t have the whole picture.”


A Year of Good Money: Decrease Food Waste

“Okay, as someone who pays a moderate amount of attention to helping Mother Earth, the fact that there are two relatively easy ways for me and my household to impact climate change is kind of amazing.

Reduce the amount of food we waste.

Eat more plants and less meat.”


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