Tuesday Hits: Different Views on Money

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When Couples Have Different Views on Money

“So people just go into their marriage or into their lives and it’s, ‘I have my account and you have your account.’ And the two will never meet. So that’s one big problem I see where they’re not acting like a team.”

Our First Travel Hack: Two Weeks in Greece

“You guys have graciously followed my credit card journey for a year and a half now. You supported me when I departed from the anti-credit card stance that I had long held. Now, after booking three flights and five hotels for our two-week stay, I’m excited to share with you our experience in redeeming those points for the very first time!”

The More You Check Your Portfolio The Worse You Do

“If you’re checking the performance of the stock market daily, chances are that you’ll see a loss about 50% of the time. If you check on it just once a year, that chance drops to about 25%. At seven years, the chance of seeing a loss drops to 1%.”

1 thought on “Tuesday Hits: Different Views on Money”

  1. Hey thanks for the feature! I’m excited to share the message of how couples can work together when they view money differently.

    It’s something that’s taken a king time for me to figure out!

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