Tuesday Hits: Deep Dive into a 34-Year-Old’s Net Worth

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Net Worth Diaries: 34-Year-Old Lobbyist with 750k and Six Years Until FI

“I’ve always known where I want to be in five years, and in ten years. I think anyone that doesn’t have an answer to that question is doing a disservice to their professional growth and development.”

Housing Can Make or Break You

“The really interesting question is not why do people choose where to live, but how should they choose where to live to optimize happiness. That is to ask, how can a person make a decision about where to live in which they derive the most happiness at the least amount of cost?”

Ordinary People Focus on the Outcome, Extraordinary People Focus On the Process

“When we focus on the outcome, we begin to expect things out of our control, which sets us up for failure.”

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