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Celebrate Small Wins, Make Big Changes and Tip Yourself!

Hi all! I'm Penny, and I’ve been using Tip Yourself for just about a year and a half now, ever since it was in beta testing. I've filled up my "tip jar" three times so far, and have made more measurable progress towards my fitness and positivity goals than I ever had on my own (and I like to think I’m not half bad when it comes to either of those things!). Jay knew how much I loved them and asked if I would share my experiences with you, and so here I am. Below you'll find my personal review, along with screenshots of my own account.

The Tip Yourself Basics

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest, chances are you’ve heard of the idea of rewarding yourself by tossing some change into a jar every day. Tip Yourself takes that concept to a new, digital level and keeps it right at your fingertips. This iOS app connects to your bank account and lets you safely and securely transfer a tip of $1, $5, $10, or any other amount into your tip jar anytime you’d like to celebrate a win. When you hit your goal, move the money back to your bank account. There are no fees ever. So users can celebrate and save without any hidden costs. It is also worth noting that the app runs on a platform of positivity. Users can chart their own progress by day, week, month, and even over their lifetimes, as well as cheer on other users in the community feed. It’s like having a built-in support system as you chase your dreams!

Common Ways People "Tip" Themselves

One thing that you’ll notice right away about the app is the variety of user interests and goals. While positivity is the cornerstone of every tip, there are dozens upon dozens of reasons why people tip. For instance, some users tip themselves:

  • After workout sessions
  • For brown-bagging lunches
  • To celebrate paydays or raises
  • To remember positive moments
  • When breaking bad habits like nail biting or smoking
  • To mark the start of new routines like waking up earlier
  • As accountability for not hitting the vending machine or skipping a workout

Whatever goal you’re looking to achieve, the Tip Yourself community has others like you in it.

One Community Feed - Three Ways

If you use other types of social media, the community feed might have a familiar feel to it. What sets the Tip Yourself community apart from other types of social media, though, is the inescapable positivity. People all around the country share their victories while others send props and comments to cheer them on. Additionally, the feeds are customizable. Users can choose to follow certain users and can toggle between the public feed, a feed of their followers, and a feed made up of their own tips. Tips can also be set to private.

Personal Tip History

From the progress tab, users can see their personal tip history. Anyone who is looking to build better habits and has previously struggled with recording their progress or documenting streaks should look no further than this screen.  Stats include everything from total tips given to average tips per week. The most inspiring part for me, however, is the calendar. As someone who set a goal of finding one positive thing to celebrate each day, the calendar lets me quickly and easily see how I’m doing in terms of focusing on the positive in 2017.

Your "Tip Jar"

This screen gives users access to their tip jar and also charts their progress towards the next milestone. The tip jar screen also lets users take money out of their tip jars with a few simple clicks. After choosing Withdraw Funds, the money is transferred securely back into your designated bank account. Then, you’ve got money to use on your vacation, buy new workout gear, pay down debt, or meet whatever goal you set.

Drawbacks of Tip Yourself?

Honestly, there aren’t many. Right now, the app is not available for Android, which limits current users. The company is incredibly responsive to user feedback, though, so the creators are hard at work on making the Android dream come true. It’s also worth noting though that, like any ACH money transfer you would do online, you do have to wait a teeny bit. It takes most transfers from your tip jar back to your bank account three days to process. Lastly, users who aren’t typically comfortable with connecting apps to their bank accounts might be hesitant to use the app. However, the app does use bank-level encryption, and tip jar funds are stored in an FDIC-backed account (meaning your money is insured).

Give It a Shot!

If you’re looking to make changes, build habits and solidify routines, this app will support you on your journey. Pair that with helping you save cold, hard cash, and what more could you ask for?

You can try Tip Yourself for FREE here: TipYourself.com


Penny is a married millennial who is trying to live a more purposeful life one cent at a time. She and her husband paid off $51K of debt in two years on two teaching salaries, and you can follow her journey at She Picks Up Pennies. She likes Tip Yourself so much that she also now blogs for them too!

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