Thursday Hits: Will My Money Last Until I Die?

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Working a Minimum Wage Job Taught Me Frugality

“I consider myself very frugal compared to a typical American person. What made me think the most before spending any money was probably my very first job as a young adult.”

Will My Money Last Until I Die?

“Mrs T is 78 years old and lives in a very swanky aged care facility. Her room is large and comfortable, with photos of children and grandchildren.  Mrs T asks me ‘Will my money last till I die? It is OK if I die tomorrow but what if I live many many years?'”

ETFs in Pictures: Fee Wars & the Future

“After a relative period of calm which led some ETF industry observers (including yours truly) to declare the fee war over, there was a frenzy of fee cuts during a two-week period earlier this year.  There are now ETFs with zero and even negative fees (after fee waivers)!”

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