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Thursday Hits: What Does it Take to be Wealthy?

Extreme Frugality Fatigue

“I don’t know about you, but when I scroll through social media and read popular headlines, I often feel obligated to optimize every facet of my life. If I’m not working a side hustle or hacking a better, faster, cheaper way to do everything, I’m obviously not doing it right.”


What Does it Take to be Wealthy in America?

“Apparently the answer after interviewing 1,000 folks across all ages and states is $2.4 million. Using a 3.5% withdrawal rate, that would throw off $84k a year to live off. ”


Reader Case Study: Mrs.Prickly Pear

“Today’s post is a case study from someone in this exact situation —  A modest income, and a parent that needs a significant amount of help.  To maintain her anonymity, I’ll be referring to her by the moniker, Mrs. Prickly Pear.”

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