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Thursday Hits: Retirement or College Fund & Going to Extreme Lengths to Avoid the Baggage Fee

Should You Start a College Fund or Focus On Your Own Retirement?

“So if you’re presently confronted with the decision to regularly put money into your children’s college savings account or max out your retirement savings accounts, which one should you prioritize?”


Traveler Wears 9Lbs of Clothing to Evade $85 Baggage Fee

“A 30-year-old British woman named Natalie Wynn found a creative, if, dangerously uncomfortable, way to dodge a $85 overweight baggage fee.”

Still Stewing About Your Tax Refund? Adjust Your Withholding

“Yes, fractionally more money has been delivered to taxpayers through April 21, almost a week after the filing deadline for most U.S taxpayers. But the average refund check remains smaller than it was last year. In 2018, the average refund was $2,780. This year, it came to $2,725.”


I’m a Millionaire But I Don’t Look It

“Has becoming a millionaire changed you? No, can’t say it has. I should add that I’m the same old grump as I was a few days ago. The difference is that if I transfer our my old final salary pension I’ll get a large 5 figure sum for it.”

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