The Best of Rockstar Finance for April 4, 2019


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Want to change your life? You can’t be afraid of making money

It’s time to stop letting your head get in the way of your life goals, and instead, correct your thinking so that it propels you forward to where you want to go.

So, what are the thoughts that are keeping you stuck?  Here are 5 common destructive ones that get in the way.

Everything Top Earners Know about Getting a Promotion

In my 20s I used to think if I was the hardest worker my manager would see that and promote me. It took me years to understand that nobody cares if you’re working hard.”

How can I make wealth-building delicious?

“If we just look at personal finance for a second, it becomes pretty clear that a lot of people treat their finances like they treat dieting. They force themselves to be frugal in un-delicious ways, and eventually, their mouth starts to water every time they pass the Gucci store like my mouth waters every time I see a billboard with a McFlurry on it.”

Last modified: April 4, 2019

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