The Best of Rockstar Finance for April 2, 2019

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Case Study on a Triplex I Bought because of all the Gurus

“The property started out as a winning rental property, but then grew into a nagging toothache, exploded into a cavity and finally ended as a bloody root canal.”

How to Increase Salary

“Now, this could be a sob story about how unemployed life is hard, but it’s not. Since I was laid off 4 years ½ years ago, I have increased my salary by over 100%.”


Post-FIRE Taxes: How We’ve Saved $165,000 Since the Start of Obamacare

“Since retirement, I’ve spent many hours rearranging our finances to minimize our taxes. This fussy process is known as ‘tax planning.’ Tax planning hasn’t made me an expert on the entire tax code, but it has taught me a lot about the rules that favor post-FIRE households.”

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