The Best from Rockstar Finance for March 7, 2019

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13 valuable lessons I learned buying my dream house

A few years ago, my wife and I bought our dream house. While I love a lot of things about the house (and I consider it a blessing to be able to live here), if I could go back and make the decision all over again, I don’t think I would buy my dream house. The few years that we’ve lived here have taught me a lot, and some of my priorities have shifted.

How to Deal With FOMO on a Debt Free Journey

FOMO distracted me from long term savings, house deposits, investments and debt freedom. Fear of missing out on events and experiences was a major cause of poor financial outcomes for me. There was no avoiding it - I had to address this spending trigger. I feel like I've done a heap of work on this so that it doesn't happen again - or at least as often (we are all human!).

Time Is More Valuable Than Money, Self-Made Millionaire Grant Sabatier Says

Grant explains that time is actually much more valuable than money. You can always try to go out and make more money. You can start a part-time job or get a side hustle. But your time? The truth is, you can never get back your time.

Starting Late, But Retiring Early: A Case Study

If you’re struggling from a late start in saving for retirement, you’re in for a special treat today. A real-life case study of Susan and Norman, a couple who recovered from a late start in saving for retirement and, a short 12 years later, are going to be retiring early. It’s a great story and offers hope to anyone who is worried about being behind in your retirement savings.

How Surviving Wisconsin Winters is Like Managing Your Money

The other day I was shoveling away the fresh snow in front of the barn door, (three inches of fresh snow and ten inches from the previous day, which was piled on top of four inches from the previous week) I was reflecting on just how crazy the weather has been the last few weeks. And then it dawned on me, that these traits are the same ones that are required for successfully managing your money.

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