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The Yield Illusion: How Can a High-Dividend Portfolio Exacerbate Sequence Risk? (SWR Series Part 29)

Let me paraphrase what people normally write: “Here’s how I can guarantee my withdrawal strategy won’t fail: I simply hold a portfolio with a high enough yield! Now the regular cash flow covers my expenses. Or at least enough of my expenses that I never have to worry much about Sequence Risk, i.e., liquidating principal at depressed prices.

Is The FIRE Movement a Fad?

Of course, it’s better to have both FI and RE. They’re like burger and fries. One without the other is good, but the combo is unbeatable. That’s just me, though. I’m a FIRE blogger and I’m 100% onboard with both financial independence and early retirement.

The Ugly Truth About the 401(k)

We’ve been told from a young age to put away money into a 401(k) so that when retirement comes, we will magically have enough to live on. But that’s not how the story goes for a lot of Americans.

How to Make Money Freelancing

Freelancing is like building your own microbusiness (a word I’m shamelessly stealing from The $100 Startup). Once you’ve spent some time honing your skills and building up your clientele, you could have the option to make your freelance gig your full-time career! Or not! The beauty is that you’re giving yourself options.

Rockstar Rumble, Round 5, Posts 1-8

New round today! Vote for your favorites as the best personal finance posts battle for top article of 2018!

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