The Best from Rockstar Finance for March 2, 2019

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Today’s Features

The power of the habit snowball

Just like not having to pay interest on your student loan frees up funds to pay off your credit card, habits free up energy that you can now expend elsewhere. Each automated behavior you execute with minimal friction builds momentum for making more changes. Your habit snowball grows.

27 Amazing Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas To Get Organized Today

The bullet journal weekly spread ideas in this article will provide you with some inspiration for doing your own bujo layouts to stick to a budget and manage your money.

Luxury Items

No one would blame you for being tempted. Self deprivation has its limits and most physicians spend their twenties watching their non-medical friends earn and spend way more than they do. Now it’s your turn to drive that Mercedes, buy that vacation home and fly first class, right?

Am I Wealthy?

It’s a bit of a funny question to ask here. I mean, I literally publish net worth updates every month and tell people how to calculate their wealth. But what does it mean to be wealthy? Does it simply mean being richer than most? What would that look like?

Skip the Lottery: Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire

Millionaires who have built wealth on their own often report setting aside time each week to plan. Like running any business, managing household finances requires thinking through the long-term goals, and how those goals will be accomplished by each team member.

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