The Best from Rockstar Finance for March 15, 2019

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21 Zero Waste Tips That Can Save You Big Bucks

With a little creativity and research, you can use every part of the fruits and vegetables you purchase. It is also helpful to understand expiration dates. Many people throw away perfectly good food because the sell by or best by dates are gone.

15 tips to skyrocket your wealth in 2019

It’s a new year! Isn’t that wonderful considering how quickly expended the previous year had been? I am very sure you had prepared your financial plan for this year, which is great. If your financial plan for this year includes seeking ways to accelerate your financial success. You’ve made a laudable move.

Financial Independence for Homebodies

Many people seeking financial independence prioritize travel. But what if you’re interested in financial independence but don’t necessarily want to be a digital nomad or trot the globe? What if your kids have a school and activities that tether you to home? This is the post for you.

7 Alternatives to Punching Your Stupid Coworker in the Face

I have a fun job. (Mostly.) I love my coworkers. (Except when I don’t.) I don’t want to throat-punch somebody every hour. (Typically.) When those times come when I do find myself wanting to strangle and/or curse out a fellow employee — and oh, my sweet innocent flower, those times will DEFINITELY come — I rely on a few tried-and-true methods to get me through the day.

Will I Be Comfortable Withdrawing From Principal in Early Retirement?

And you start withdrawing from your nest egg. Taking money out. On average still experiencing net worth growth – if you picked a safe enough withdrawal rate and didn’t face a 1929 thing right after retirement – but not as steep as you were used to.