The Best from Rockstar Finance for March 14, 2019

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6 ways to avoid turning your kids into horrible money managers

As a parent, I wish my kids could just absorb all of my hardest life lessons by osmosis. But the truth is that they’ll pick up a grab bag of my and my husband’s habits and tendencies, both the good and the less-than-stellar.

15 Totally Doable Ways to Save Money When You Meal Prep

Got your coupons? Now start brainstorming ideas based on those coupons. Okay, okay, I know. Normal meal prep advice is to make a meal plan, then shop for the ingredients you need. My advice to save a little money? Find some coupons, then make your meal plan, then go shopping.

How to Be Frugal Without Depriving Yourself

From the outside, it looks like I’m living just the same as everyone else, but instead of spending every penny I earn, I save 85% of my income. I’m not staying in every weekend, I’m not eating a ramen noodle diet, and I’m certainly not skipping out on vacations.

Get Out of the F*@#ing Shower

As a father, there was apparently a point in time where I began to associate the amount of water being used when either of our boys takes a shower with the image of a raging waterfall. Hundreds of thousands of gallons pouring down the drain.

Ep 9: Healing Burnout & Mini Retirements w/ Jillian Johnsrud @mtmoneyadventur

I love Jillian. She’s present, open, and completely alive. In this episode we chat about how to heal burnout, the power of a mini-retirement, how to truly live, and so much more.

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