The Best from Rockstar Finance for March 13, 2019

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Today’s Features

6 Extreme Frugality Rules I’ll Never Follow (and 23 Frugal Tips to Do Instead)

Thanks to shows like TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, you might watch fascinated and mildly horrified as people display their examples of extreme frugality and tell tales of budgetary scrimping. After watching someone eat roadkill for dinner or wash their laundry in the shower to avoid laundromat costs, you might be willing to chuck frugal living out the window altogether.

Does FIRE Make Life Harder?

I envisioned living a life of freedom, purpose and happiness. At times, that has been the case. But that’s only part of the story. In reality, the past year has been one of the hardest of my life.

11 Things Every Child Must Know About Money (Before Leaving Home)

We can implement many of these ideas during teachable moments throughout the day. We can implement the more complex ideas by sitting down and having a conversation with our kids. If your child is already out of the house, you may want to forward this article to them.

Subscribe to These Top 10 Personal Finance NewsLetters to Get Your Paychecks Up and Balances Down This Year

If you want objective information from people who are informed on the subjects they’re writing about, we recommend these newsletters as a great way to quickly get information on personal finance, money and debt management, investing and more delivered directly to your inbox.

Rockstar Rumble, Final

Final round today! Vote for your favorites as the best personal finance posts battle for top article of 2018!

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