The Best from Rockstar Finance for March 12, 2019

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Today’s Features

How to smartly avoid the 5 worst financial arguments

Every now and again, financial arguments try to raise its ugly head in our lives. Over the years, I had mastered the habit of asking myself a simple question when having a financial fight with someone I cherish – “Is this money worth the relationship?”

Why Student Internships Are a Great Tool to Figuring Out What Fulfils You

The main reason internships are so amazing is because you get to test an area or field before diving in. Not sure if you want to try journalism? Do a 6 month internship with a newspaper and try it out.

Just How Much Money Will You Save Taking Cold Showers?

There seems to be a small (but vocal, oh God how they are vocal) minority of the personal finance blog-o-net that somehow thinks taking cold showers is a worthwhile thing you should be doing. And not just after a failed sexual escapade, either.

Why Am I Poor? What to Do When You Are Tired of Struggling Financially

Honestly, it is a tough question to answer because there are so many variables – very few people are poor because of one specific action. Often I’ve found that when people want to stop being poor they have to address multiple issues.

4 Timeless Money Lessons From Children’s Movies

Growing up, you absorbed a myriad of lessons from popular culture. No matter when you grew up, it’s likely that one of the movies you watched as a child helped shape how you think about money—without you even realizing it.

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