The Best from Rockstar Finance for March 10, 2019

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Today’s Features

2 Years of Home Ownership – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Most people take pride in owning their own home. It is part of the American dream, it is what you are supposed to do as a “successful” adult. I used to agree with this for the most part. That changed when I learned about financial independence. As I got deeper into the subject and heard the stories of several early retirees, I was surprised to see that many were renters by choice.

Why I Needed A Breakup Fund

My break up fund was essentially my year-end bonus that I was 100% planning to put to any other use you could think of rather than helping me crutch my way out of an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship.

Don’t Compare Your Investment Returns With Others (Especially On The Internet)

Everyone wants to know how their investments are doing. But more importantly, everyone wants to know how their investments are doing, compared to others. At water coolers and doctor’s lounges, physicians love to compare their winners with others. The losing trades conveniently get forgotten. But discussing your investment returns (or even looking at them) can sow seeds of discontent and envy, and may ultimately be counterproductive.

The biggest mistake people make with money

The truth, though, is we look at the person responsible for the state of our finances in the mirror every day. We make choices throughout our lives, and those choices have consequences for our finances.

How to Make Money with AirBNB and Grow Passive Income

The best part about making money with Airbnb is that it’s relatively passive income. Passive income requires little to no effort and lets you create multiple streams of income. Multiple streams of income aid in reaching several financial goals..

Rockstar Guest Curator

Jerry’s mission is to help people become financially woke on his blog Peerless Money Mentor. There he tries to create unique and compelling content by combining his love of philosophy, hip-hop, and economics. When he is not writing, he enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends.

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