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Whether you want to get your finances in order or just need suggestions for a money tune-up, 30 Days to Great Finances can help. It’s a free email series for Rockstar Finance subscribers with daily suggestions for growing your wealth. If you’d like to sign up, visit our 30 Days to Great Finances page.

How to Get a Career Award

Getting a career award can lead to multiple pay increases (over several jobs/companies/promotions) and can have a significant positive financial impact on your earning ability.

Kelly Rowland On The Cons Of Being A Millionaire At 20: “I Didn’t Know What To Do With It”

One of the hardest things to do when you’re young is to actually listen to sound advice. The 36-year-old singer was once a young woman eager to bask in her newfound fame and money bags. Like many of us, when you finally have your own money, you want to spend it on all the things you were once told were too expensive instead of using that first check as an investment.

Want to avoid lifestyle inflation? Try these 7 things

Lifestyle inflation refers to increasing your spending (and thus, lifestyle) when your income increases. Common examples could be upgrading your home when you get a better job or a raise, or even going to out to eat more once you start making more.

Don’t Get Burned by FIRE

Then something changed. People started wanting more out of life. They didn’t want to work the 9-5 until age 65. Why wait to travel until you’re too old to enjoy those experiences? We started craving more time, or at least more time during our younger years to do the things we enjoyed.

Five lessons I learned while making a documentary film about FIRE

My name is Scott Rieckens, and I’m new to the world of smart money management. I’m new to the world of financial independence and early retirement. I’m new, but I’ve totally immersed myself in it. I’ve immersed myself so much, in fact, that I’ve spent the past eighteen months creating a feature film about FIRE.

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