The Best from Rockstar Finance for January 7, 2019

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How My 401k Loan Cost Me $1 Million Dollars

We have numerous people that were “financially savvy” tell my husband that we should do a 401k loan. We would be paying ourselves back so, we weren’t “really borrowing” any money. It was our money and are just using it now and will pay it back later.

The Unlucky Long Term Investor Still Makes Money

However, the long term investor must know that things can and likely will get a lot worse. It might not happen this week or this year but eventually, this bull run will come to an end. There will be days and weeks and months like today.

This lucky woman got Bill Gates as her Reddit Secret Santa

“When I first saw the box, I was like, ‘Someone’s trying to be a smart aleck and make me feel like Bill Gates was my Secret Santa.’ But when I unwrapped the ribbon and I saw the card — and it came with a picture of Bill Gates holding the same card — I was like, ‘Holy cow, this really is from Bill Gates!’”

Distinguishing between “Wants” vs “Needs” is so easy, even a 9-year-old can do it.

It was only after dinner while sorting through some stuff did I notice what the test was all about. And I was pleasantly surprised– it was to rate my third-graders’ ability to distinguish his wants versus needs. This led me to think of the following… If a nine-year-old can perfectly tell the difference between needs and wants, how come many people are still living paycheck to paycheck?

Marijuana Stocks and Other Ways to Invest in Cannabis

The marijuana legalization movement has exploded in the United States. It started with medicinal marijuana (MMJ). Now things are moving towards full legalization for recreational use and that is opening up a whole new potential industry.  Investors should start to take notice of marijuana stocks.