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Today’s post is brought to you by the In Case of Emergency Binder. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get your estate plans in place, this is a perfect complement. It’s attractively priced at $29 plus 20% off when you use coupon code ‘NEWYEAR19’ through January 7.

The 12 Dumbest Money Questions We’ve Ever Asked (and Why They’re Not Actually Dumb)>

So it’s not your fault you have to watch a YouTube tutorial to make sure you’re writing a check correctly or that you have to quietly Google, “How much money do I need to retire?”But you can stop being embarrassed now. We’re here to answer your “dumbest” money questions.

Financial Independence is more than retiring early!

Like many other people pursuing FI, we had our spreadsheets and tools to calculate all our numbers. I even created my own Retirement Simulation tool. If you have read some of our prior posts, we were within range for an early retirement, even discussing the possibility as soon as early 2019.

Gratitude over Complaining: How to be successful

There’s so much out there to complain about. Student loans, a weak job market, social security, healthcare, insurance, robots taking your jobs. It’s hard. But the problem is that complaining about the bad things doesn’t actually help.

Commercial Real Estate Investing – What Do I Need To Know?

Commercial real estate investing is very different from residential real estate investing so before you can start calculating potential profits of a CRE deal there are many things to do and know.

How a Positive Mindset Gets You Closer to Your Goals

Mindset played a key role in this decision. Rather than just waiting for my dream job to drop in my lap, I took a proactive approach, gaining additional experience and broadening my skillset to make myself a more valuable employee. Through this process I also learned that I had others passions, including personal finance. I had faith, bet on myself, and believed that the right job fit was out there for me.

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