The Best from Rockstar Finance for January 3, 2019

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The true cost of homeownership is higher than you think

Homeownership comes with a whole new set of costs and responsibilities you’ve probably never considered if you’ve rented your whole life. Insurance? Property taxes? Calling a plumber? This is next level adulting.

How to Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)

This post will be valuable for people planning their career. It summarises a rich person’s mindset so its priceless for people that don’t yet earn their full potential. There’s only so much spending you can cut, but there’s no limit on your income. Remember, earning more is not cheating.

Would you live at the mall for $700?

Just heard about this on the radio this morning and so fascinated by it… Apparently you can – or soon can – rent an apartment at the mall for only $700/mo! Would you do it?? I’ll be honest, if I were single I’d be all over that.

How to Get Free Airport Lounge Access

One of perks of those top tiers is waiting in luxury. You don't sit with the rest of the commoners in the waiting area. You sit in lounges. You sip champagne, eat bon bons, and live the good life.

Knowing good grammar is a social skill

A lot of times when I rewrite a resume it’s so much better than the original that the person has to learn to talk about themselves differently. We underestimate ourselves because we’re in the thick of things when it’s our own career. A good resume rewrite makes you feel like a different, much more successful person.