The Best from Rockstar Finance for February 27, 2019

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Today’s Features

Why Being Self-Employed Makes My Family MORE Financially Stable

Most people assume that having a good, secure job means working for someone else. However, in the eight years since I graduated from college, I’ve learned that being self-employed actually provides me and my family with much more financial security than if I worked a traditional job.

Handling the Loss of a Job and Staying Professional

It was just another day like any other or at least it felt like it was. I was at work as always and just working my accounts as usual, when my coworkers and I were summoned to a conference room for a surprise meeting. I’m not a fan of meetings and even more I am never a fan of surprise meetings. Nothing good ever seems to come from surprise meetings.

The real reason people fail to save enough for retirement — and what you can do to limit the damage

Both economics and retirement planning are prone to making assumptions that all factors remain constant, from the Latin, ceteris paribus, meaning “other things equal.” The problem with this type of linear thinking is that change is the only constant in life, particularly over a long enough time horizon.

This Simple Tool Can Help Organize Your Estate

In my professional practice, I have practiced what I preached and have urged my clients to write their financial story and organize their affairs. As clients, I was able to provide them a fillable estate organizer to make their task somewhat easier.

3 Reasons Why Your Professional Image Is Really Worth Taking Seriously as an Entrepreneur

Rightly or wrongly, clients and customers will absolutely “judge a book by its cover”. What this means, in practice, is that if your clients or customers think that you look trustworthy, professional, and capable, they are infinitely more likely to use your services, or buy your product, than if they didn’t get that impression.

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