The Best from Rockstar Finance for February 21, 2019

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Today’s Features

5 Things to Take From the Fire Movement (Even if You Don’t Want to Retire Early)

“I want don’t just want my golden years, I want my best years,” he said. “Financial independence allows us to build that into the conversation. [Some people want to get to a point where working is optional. For others, it’s about if you do] work, it’s out of a sense of purpose and … actually adding value to your life.”

Debt Intelligence: Using Debt As Financial Leverage In 2019

I have always wondered why people act like debt is bondage or a curse. Well, it is an obligation. And if you borrow unwisely, you can easily get under a great burden of debt. But if used wisely, debt is not bondage. Debt is financial leverage.

22 Best Money Making Apps That Pay Cash in 2019

For a lot of us, our phone is a permanent fixture in our hand or pocket, and whenever we have a moment of idle time, we check it for messages, emails, social media, or we’re sucked into a pointless game with endless levels.

A Rough, General-Purpose Retirement Plan

There are many, many cases in which the suggestions below would not be the best approach for an actual person, due to their personal circumstances. I have mentioned some of the circumstances that would suggest alternative approaches, but in each of the topics below there are plenty of potential factors that I have not mentioned.

How to Start Big Fights with Your Partner About Money

I don’t mean to brag… but back in the day I used to be pretty awesome at starting fights about money. My expert skills earned me 7 messy break-ups, 3 National Asshole Awards, and countless nights sleeping on the couch!

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