The Best from Rockstar Finance for February 20, 2019

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Today’s Features

12 Great Steps to Building a Killer Budget

Budgeting is seen as being a bad word, but it’s not. Your budget isn’t restrictive. If done correctly, your budget helps you out of bad financial situations and gives you permission to spend money on the things you value.

How a Couple Who Saved $100,000 a Year to RetireEarly Travels the World With Their 3-year-old

After six years of working 60-hour weeks, exchanging his vacation time for pay, and having no time for rest, Jeremy Jacobson finally finished paying off his student loans in 2003. He rewarded himself by taking a two-week trip to the Philippines.

And There Are No Unicorns

Spending winters in the desert–the WHY that got me here is amazing. Listening to the great horned owl hooting outside my window (it’s early!) fills me with awe. Knowing I’ll be on the Pickleball court playing my heart out later gets my juices flowing. Being able to say “Yes” to people and fun stuff anytime never grows old.

Feed a family of four for under $10

Here is a list of 10 recipes that could feed a family of four for under $10. Yup that is right, you can spend under $70 dollars per week to feed your family a healthy hearty dinner and save save save for a Vacation or something.

How Retirement Changes Your Identity

Work is such a huge part of our identity. Retirement untethers us from how we think of ourselves in a fundamental way. And a new study offers insights into how to handle this transition more effectively.

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