The Best from Rockstar Finance for February 19, 2019

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Today’s Features

7 months into a corporate job, Cody chose to buy freedom…with frugality

I’m 7 months into my first corporate job and I just can’t take it anymore — the long commute, the unfulfilling work, the lack of autonomy. This can’t be what the next 40 years look like, can it?

8 Extreme Frugal Living Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered

Flush toilets once a day. You read that right. It doesn’t matter if it’s a number one or a number two or if someone is sick with diarrhea and vomiting (sorry..had to go there). People legit only flush once a day to save money.

Tony – Going Back to Work After Early Retirement

On today’s episode of the Financial Independence Podcast, I interview a reader named Tony who found this to be the case. He’s since decided to go back to the same career he retired from and is enjoying work (and life) more than ever.

10 Awesome Ways to Use a Bullet Journal for Budgeting

One of my favorites is to use a bullet journal for budgeting. A bullet journal budget is an excellent tool to help you keep your spending in check, reach your savings goals, track your budget, pay down debt, etc.

Using Your 401k To Pay Off Debt / Pros And Cons

The absolute best way to take care of that suffocating debt is to leave your retirement alone. Do not rob your future self to pay the debts of your present self. While you are young and healthy(er), you should be using this time to pay off your debts as soon as humanly possible.

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