The Best from Rockstar Finance for December 28, 2018

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Today’s Features

I don’t think we owe college to our kids. Does that make me a bad father?

You don’t owe your kid college…you owe her a good start in life. Assuming the two are the same thing might be more harmful than helpful to both of you.

Bargain Hunters Beware: A Store’s ‘Original Price’ Might Not Be After All Sale!

Even the word is enough to send a flutter through the hearts of certain shoppers, who salivate in anticipation of scoring a discount off a product’s original price. Few consumers stop to think, however, that the only way they know they are getting a bargain is that the store tells them so. What if those “original prices” stores base their discounts on aren’t real?

Gratitude Is Great, But This Will Easily Change Your Life

This is the time of the year when we step back, look at the big picture, and express gratitude for all the good stuff in our lives. Nothing at all wrong with that. Gratitude is undoubtedly beneficial in our lives. But gratitude is focused inward on us as individuals. It’s a very personal feeling. Kindness is different.

The Epic Money Lesson I Learned At 10 Years Old

It’s a day that is still crystal clear in my mind, even after all these years. I was around 10 years old, and my siblings and I wanted to treat my mom for Mother’s Day by taking her out for breakfast. We had been hoarding our little savings for a while, to treat our mom to the finest Mother’s Day breakfast we could afford—Denny’s. Yes, I said it. Denny’s, the home of the grand slam, steak & egg, and home fry breakfast.

Stop New Year Resolutions, Start New Life Resolutions!

These resolutions are a great idea, but the reality is most of us fail to commit to them for a month, let alone a year. Why do we have so much trouble making these changes in our lives? What if instead of making New Year resolutions, we make New Life resolutions?

Rockstar Guest Curator

Camilo and Francisco run The Finance Twins , where they’re on a mission to simplify personal finance and make important financial information more accessible. Raised in poverty, the twins overcame adversity to reach the highest levels of academic success. With degrees from top academic institutions including an M.B.A. from Harvard and an M.D. from the Mayo Clinic, the twins have seen the disparity in financial knowledge between social classes. They’re working to close that gap.

You may have noticed that Rockstar Finance looks a bit different lately. For details on the exciting changes, check out Feature Changes at Rockstar Finance.

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