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Dying People's Regrets And Advice For a Better Life

‘I Wish I Had The Courage To Express My Feelings.’ Jozsef, a Holocaust survivor who moved to Australia with his wife after the war, realized shortly before his death that he never showed his feelings to his family. “I wish my family knew me,” he told Bronnie Ware. “Many people suppress their feelings for the sake of peace,” he said to her.

Cross Generational Retirement Strategies: Nine Interesting Statistics you can learn from

Many of the usual headlines like ‘Millennials are not saving’ or ‘Baby Boomers unprepared for retirement.’ I started surfing the ole’ inner-web for some recent research studies to either confirm or refute the news headlines. What I found was sort of a mixed bag of confirmations and also some repudiations of common news headlines.

Six Types of Leverage

It’s a valuable tool for your wealth plan because it eliminates any excuse for money being an obstacle to your financial growth. However, financial leverage is the one type that both increases potential rewards and decreases the odds of survivability. It makes the good times great, and the bad times unbearable. That’s why the following risk management guidelines are essential for financial leverage.

Our Next BIG Financial Goal– Why We’re Paying Off Our Mortgage in 5 Years

Had we not set a crazy big goal to pay off law school debt I can assure you that we would still be paying it off now. The only way we were able to achieve what we did was because we set a big goal that we were excited about and focused like crazy on! So here we go again! Time to SMASH DEBT!

7 Reasons We Weren’t Prepared To Buy Our Home

One of my BIGGEST financial mistakes was the purchase of my house. Luckily I have not paid dearly for it, but the lack of consequence does not mean it wasn’t a mistake. There is a list of things that I did poorly with this purchase–things I intend to do better next time.

Rockstar Guest Curator

Camilo and Francisco run The Finance Twins , where they're on a mission to simplify personal finance and make important financial information more accessible. Raised in poverty, the twins overcame adversity to reach the highest levels of academic success. With degrees from top academic institutions including an M.B.A. from Harvard and an M.D. from the Mayo Clinic, the twins have seen the disparity in financial knowledge between social classes. They're working to close that gap.

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