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This week’s review is by Steve Adcock who travels full-time with his wife and two rescued dogs in a 30′ Airstream. He writes about personal finance and being a digital nomad at


I am a total sucker for convenience and things that are just easy.

I also love getting money for the things that I used to use. If you’re looking to declutter your life (as my wife and I did before we moved into our Airstream) and want a straightforward way to shed those mobile devices you’ve accumulated over the years, finish reading this review and then hop over to

You’re going to like it. 

When we downsized, we were floored at how many mobile devices we had. Old phones and tablets in our house just seemed to accumulate in the closest like dust. It seemed like every week we uncovered yet another phone that hadn’t been used in years. And apparently, we aren’t alone in our tendency to collect these things. 

According to Pew, more than three in 10 of us live in a household with at least three different mobile devices. As we upgrade, we tend to forget about the value of our older electronics. Don’t! Though old, these phones still have value.

There is money to be made. 

And, SellCell is around to help you sell your old devices to obtain that value. What is SellCell? is the nation’s largest mobile phone and tablet trade-in comparison service. They compare the prices from leading electronics buyback companies like Gazelle, BuyBackWorld, It’s Worth More, Decluttr, Maxback, Whizcells, 7Stars and a slew of others.

Think of what they do like one of those travel sites that compare prices on flights and hotels, but for your cell phone that you no longer use. They find the best price for your device, period.

In fact, they guarantee it. 

How does SellCell work?

The process to sell is simple. First, let SellCell know what device you’re trying to unload, then it’ll give you several options to choose from. Here, let’s look at an example using an iPhone 7 Plus (because the iPhone 7 is sooo last year, right?).

Click over to and type your device into the search box. In this case, we’re using iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 Plus

Click the ‘SEARCH NOW’ button on the right. The next page will instantly give you a bunch of options and they will be sorted by price – highest price first. 

Once you’ve selected one of the sell options, just punch the red ‘SELL NOW’ button on the right and will automatically transfer you directly over to that seller’s website to finish the transaction to sell your phone. 

Boom, done. Honestly, I’m not sure how this process could be any easier. Search. Sell. Done. 

Selling with confidence

Did you happen to notice something about the page with all the buyers on it? It’s not just about the price. helps instill confidence in this entire process by displaying a star rating and their Better Business Bureau (BBB) status. And, try clicking on the ‘More Details’ link on one of the buyers (for example, Decluttr). Here’s what you’ll see: Decluttr specifications

The details that you’ll need to know: PayPal money transfer in about a day, and the price they list is valid for 28 days. And, the free return shipping is pretty nice, too! vets all of the Buyers on the site prior to adding them and continuously reviews them over time to ensure they continue doing business well. This gives device sellers peace of mind that the buyer that they are dealing with is well established and will pay out quickly. Besides, SellCell has been trading globally for over 10 years and has sold millions of devices in that time. 

Obviously, this service works. And if you’re one of the 70% of millennials that upgrade their phones often, you probably stand to recoup a lot of money from your used devices. 

When is the best time to sell your phone?

Here’s the bottom line about selling your old mobile devices: The longer that it sits there doing nothing, the less value it retains. This is due in large part to how rapidly manufacturers are coming out with new phones. Each new release effectively decreases the value of the previous version, which makes selling older devices a bit of a challenge if we wait too long. 

If you’re paying attention to your phone’s manufacturer, it’s possible to time the sale of your phone to elicit the most value. In fact, if you’re able to sell your old device within about two weeks of the next version making its way onto the market, you’ll stand to get maximum bucks for that device.

Of course, this won’t always be possible. 

But even when you’re not able to time it just right, there’s still value in selling back your older devices that you’re not using – sooner rather than later. Not only are you getting some extra cash for that stuff, but you’re also decluttering your life by shedding the stuff that you no longer use. 

SellCell’s Best Price Guarantee

Let’s face it, there can be a big difference between the highest and lowest prices paid for a mobile device, and it’s never a good feeling to find out you’ve missed out on a better deal. You’ll be glad to hear that never happens at SellCell. 

They are so confident that they will find you the best price for your cell phone or tablet that they’re the only site to offer a Best Price Guarantee. If you find a higher price within 24 hours of placing your order, you will get double the difference back.

Yep, double the difference.

There really is no need to go anywhere else because with SellCell you are always guaranteed the most cash, every time.

The bottom line

Almost all of us have old mobile devices that we no longer use, and a lot of those devices still have value. Even broken and liquid damage phones and tablets have a value, so consider selling them, too. Phones depreciate quickly; don’t let them gather dust – there is still value with many of them!

Here’s what to do:

  • Find a couple of mobile devices that you no longer use
  • Hop over to and look to see what they are worth
  • Sell them to put a little extra money back into your pocket and declutter

Not only are you making yourself happy with the extra dough, but you’re also giving those devices new life in the hands of someone else who may not be able to afford the latest and greatest mobile gadgetry. 

It’s a win-win. 

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