Rockstar Finance 2018 Community Giving Event

There has always been a charitable part of Rockstar Finance, and we are very excited to continue that tradition.

Last year, Rockstar Finance gave away $2,000 to help money bloggers make an impact in their communities.

It was such a huge success, we want to help you go out and spread some kindness again this year!

Note: This is a charitable effort designed for you to go out and help others in need. It’s not to promote your blog in any way, so submissions for blog-related promotion ideas will not be accepted (and yes, we’re getting some). Furthermore, this is designed to have an action component. If you simply suggest giving a charity a gift card, your request will not be accepted either (we could do that on our own). As noted below, look at the efforts from last year to see the sorts of things we would like to sponsor.

Here’s how it will work:

1. We have $2,000 in gift cards available to help you bless others.

They are in the following denominations:

  • $400 in $100 Visa cards (4)
  • $400 in $50 Visa cards (8)
  • $400 in $50 Amazon cards (8)
  • $800 in $25 Amazon cards (32)

2. Instead of giving these out at random or to people on a first-come first served basis, we want to make the most of the available funds.

So we have set up a short form for you to tell us your idea for what you’d do with the funds, how much you need, and so forth. You can submit your ideas here.

If you want to apply you can do so here.

If you’re wondering what might work, read the 2017 reports under “2017 Year-End Celebration!”

3. You have until Sunday, October 28 to apply.

At that point the Rockstar team will review the submissions and award the prizes by Friday, November 2.

4. The cards will be mailed to you so you can do your good deeds.

Go out an help some people!

5. We are asking that you blog about the experience and in your post link back to the Rockstar Community Fund Page here.

We will be updating that page and linking to your blog posts. BTW, we LOVE pictures, so be sure to show us what happened if it’s possible.

Looking forward to the great ideas you all come up with!

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