★ The Rockstar Community Fund (RCF) is Here!

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rockstar community fundGuys! Welcome to our new initiative here on the site – The Rockstar Community Fund (RCF)! Where we pull money together and then use it to DO GOOD within our community. Or more specifically, to help you do good.

Every month we’re going to hand out a stack of $20 #GivingCards (pre-loaded VISA cards) with a mission to go out and use it to create unexpected joy in the lives around you. Whether it’s someone you know and love, a struggling family or child, a friend of a friend of a friend, or even a complete stranger that you think can really use it.

The “who” isn’t as important as the “why” – to show that even a small amount of money can make a huge impact in another person’s life. Particularly when you do it in a way that’s meaningful to you.

And if last month’s test run was any indication, we’re about to blow up the kindness! :)

In the three weeks from throwing out the idea in the forums and passing out the cards, we ended up doing good in over HALF the United States, two international countries (Canada and India!) and even at the White House. Yup, the White House! (A supporter of ours left a card inside a coffee table book outside the Oval Office to surprise someone with an act of kindness, haha… And didn’t get arrested!).

The chain reaction of love was pretty amazing, and we ended up doubling our giving efforts to almost $2,000 and helping people of all ages and backgrounds and stages of life – including a new Syrian refugee to the country. So well done everyone!! You killed it!

Check out our highlights page of how it all went down here:  Mission #1: An Unexpected Gift

rockstar giving cards

But while The #GivingCards Project is our flagship initiative, we’re also setting aside money to fund other projects that come out of our community too, as well as two others of our own:

  • Debt Drop – Where we surprise those struggling with debt with a no-strings attached $50 to help pay some of it off and give them hope along their journey. Led and inspired by Melanie Lockert of DearDebt.com.
  • And then our Just-In-Time Giving fund – Giving us the ability to quickly assist anyone in our community when an unforeseen situation occurs, like an illness, injury, sudden loss, or any other unexpected life event.

Our main goal with the RCF is to have a fully funded pot here for our community month in and month out for many years to come.

So we’re going “all in” on this, baby! And we’d love as much of your support as you’re able to give! Financially-related, or otherwise (we’re going to need a LOT of help spreading the word for sure).

Here are all the links to the goodies:

Website: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com
Projects: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/projects
Results so far: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/total
Ways to support (and join!) the RCF: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/get-involved

We’re actually giving out a new stack of these #GivingCards right now if you want one :)

Nab a card here before they’re all gone, and see what it’s like to join us! And then come back and tell us what you did with it!

Thanks so much for being here. Really excited about this, y’all!

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.
– Mother Teresa

PS: We’re not a charity or 501(c)(3) or anything so there are no tax write offs. We’re just a group of people wanting to get out there and give back in a fun and meaningful way :)

8 thoughts on “★ The Rockstar Community Fund (RCF) is Here!”

  1. I love this. Thank you so much for reminding your readers of the importance of giving/paying it forward/coming from a place of abundance to spread positivity and joy. I’m so grateful for RF and its affiliates.

  2. Thank you for the affirmation that this community supports giving out of abundance. I believe giving but sometimes I question why when not-giving could theoretically mean achieving FI five or even ten years earlier.

    1. Lots of things we do prolong retiring years earlier :) Taking vacations, buying stuff that makes us happy, eating out. It’s always a balancing act of enjoying our lives in the present while also not screwing over our future. The giving back part to me is a part of that. Only it also effects other peoples’ lives for the better too which is awesome!

  3. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Im mad I missed the first installment of the series (about to go back and read it). It is great that you have taken so much time to find a fun/creative way to give back to those who need it most. This community is freaking awesome, what more can I say!


    1. Thanks Bert!

      I already thought our community was awesome, but MAN. Give them a mission to help out and they REALLY make it happen!! They’re all inspiring me even more!

      You’ll have to join us one of these months in rocking a #GivingCard :)

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