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goldie piggy bank

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Oink oink oink… oink oink… oink oink oink! Oink oink… oink oink OINK!!! *Ahem*  (Turns on pig-to-human translator machine).

There we go! Hi guys! It’s me, Goldie – the piggy bank you’re staring at right now! How are you? Are you having a good day?

Me, well, I could be better…

My daddy – who you all call “J. Money” – has recently informed me that it’s time to find a new place now that I’ve turned 18 and am officially an adult. (I know it doesn’t look it at 5 inches high, but we piggy banks don’t grow that big.) He is always saying so many nice things about, you guys, so I figured – why not start my search here?

Daddy agreed, and so here we are :) And I promise you that I, too, am also the best! I am really good at keeping secrets and other goodies in my belly, and I’m even better at reminding you about all those dreams you’re working so hard to accomplish. And I don’t even require any maintenance!

I asked daddy who his favorites were so I could try and wiggle my way over there, but he said he loved you all equally (and then laughed a little?), and urged me to put out an application instead.

So here it is below. Covering the three things I find really important in a family: aspirations, location, and good ol’ fashion smarts. I can’t wait to read your answers!!!

Application to Bring Me, Goldie, Home:

  1. What are you saving for right now?
  2. Where would you put me in your house?
  3. How much money do I have inside of me? (You get to keep it all if you win me!)

Answer these questions in the comments below, and daddy and I will review them together and figure out who we think would be the perfect match. Then I get to be bubble wrapped and go on a plane ride! I can barely contain my oinks!

And don’t worry… Daddy says he’ll come check on me every now and then too, but only if the new family has “beer” waiting for him, whatever that means. I sure am going to miss him, but it’s time to go out and see the world! I can’t wait to meet you, new family!


UPDATE: Thank you for all your wonderful essays and inviting me into your worlds, everybody! It was so exciting to think of all the nice and loving places I would be traveling to :) But alas we could only pick one place to visit here, and that place I will be living the next stage of my life in will be Germany – woah!!!! I’ll be moving in with Mario and his mother there as he works on building his real estate empire at 21 years old (what a smart guy!) and I cannot wait to learn all about a new culture, and especially wear my sunglasses he promised me so I can look outside his window. Wish me luck everybody!! We’ll send you a picture to let you know we arrived safely! :)

(Oh, and daddy tells me that the $$$ inside of my belly clocked in at $11.76 and that you all sure are some big wishers, oink oink…)

UPDATE #2: Got a message from Goldie this morning – looks like she made it safely to Germany :)

Hello Daddy! I just arrived (although the travel was quite exhausting). It’s quite warm here and I’ve got so many coins to eat! Oh and the sun is also shining so bright as you can see in the photo which we attached. I hope you’re fine and I’m already looking forward to read more articles from you :D

mario and goldie


PS: Daddy says there’s both bills and coins inside of me, and I’m about 5 inches all around in case you need help with answer #3.

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Jay is the founder of Rockstar Finance, and blogs about money over at BudgetsAreSexy.com. He loves all things finance, coffee, and hip-hop, and is the proud daddy of two beautiful little boys!

Last modified: February 6, 2017

64 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Giveaway: Goldie, The Piggy Bank!

  1. Kim D says:

    Goldie is so fun!
    1. I’m currently saving for 2 things – topping up my Emergency Fund, and setting up an Activity Fund to pay for lessons/equipment/etc. for my little kidlets. Goal for the year is $15K between the 2 funds.
    2. I’d definitely put the little fella in my kitchen. He can have a great view of the house, and I can be reminded I need to save for my goals.
    3. lol even when I can see inside, I still fail at these questions. $27.58

    such a fun giveaway! Thanks J :)

  2. Hey Goldie, best wishes on the home search. If you come to live with our family you will belong to my boys (currently 5 and 2 years old, hopefully more to come) so I’m going to go ahead and give answers for them.

    1) They might not realize it yet but they are currently saving up for future missionary work. We anticipate that both of them will serve full time proselyting missions for 2 years after high school. It currently will cost them $400 per month so they need to plan on saving up at least $10,000 before then (plus inflation).

    2) For the next several years you will have a prime view of their bedroom where you’ll get to watch them play and grow, but in exchange for your service you will get to join them once their mission service begins. Even if I have to sneak you into their luggage I will make sure that you get to go with them where ever they get send (I went to Zimbabwe for 2 years and my wife was in Australia so you could literally end up just about anywhere).

    3) Now this one is a little more tricky, but we’re going to throw out a rough estimate of $56.12.

    Can’t wait to see where you end up Goldie.

    1. J. Money says:

      “Oooooh I love traveling so much! Daddy is always moving me back and forth between some states, but he has yet to send me overseas :(” – Goldie

  3. 1. Saving for a downpayment for another rental which can help us become Fi in the next 15 or so years!

    2. We have a pecan centerpiece cabinet where she will proudly sit (bought from Craigslist of course, circa 1960s but made of real wood and is so pretty)

    3. Mmm you probably have at least $100 sitting in your belly

    Hope you go to a good home little piggy :)

  4. geckovision says:

    1) Saving so we don’t have to dip into the emergency fund when baby 2 is born in June. Hoping to have at least a cool $7k in there.
    2) On top of the dresser right next to where my wallet sits at night. you two will love each other!
    3) $17.63

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks for hosting these giveaways, by the way! Fun!

    #1- I am putting money aside to have the underside of our house repaired due to damage from some kind of wildlife. I see insulation and pieces of wood scattered everywhere and daylight under my house where there should not be so I’m guessing some kind of crawlspace repair is in order. But first, I need to safely trap said critter and release him/her per the instructions I received from a local wild life rehabber. This was not an expensive I had planned on obviously so it will put a serious dent in our emergency fund.

    #2 The Piggy would be most comfortable in the room where I keep all my financial paperwork and do my best money organizing. He can be there for inspiration!

    #3 I am hoping there is a few thousand dollars in the Piggy, but even considerably less than that would be a most welcome amount!

  6. Mario says:

    Hi Piggy,
    I hope you are doing fine. My name is Mario, 21, from Germany. I am currently saving like crazy towards my first rental property. As I’m still living at home, yet working my butt off in my job while studying economics, I hope I will be able to buy my first property within the next 1 ½ years. If you would decide to join me and my mom at home, you would be able to sit next to me on my desk, so we could read every book and rockstarfinance articles together, discuss them and increase our financial education. I’m pretty sure there are some english grammar errors in my comment, so you could also help me to improve my english further. During a sunny summer day, it might occur that you will be blinded by the sun, as my room is on the top floor of our house; therefore I will organise some sunglasses so you can enjoy the heat without getting blinded.
    On your way to Germany, you would also be able to travel the world and get to know new cultures and people here.
    If I had to guess how much money is inside you, I would probably say 33,33$. As number 3 proved to be my lucky number throughout my whole life that guess sounds quite reasonable to me. However it would be unbelievable awesome if you had at least one 5$ bill inside you. I am a very great admirer of Abraham Lincoln, but unfortunately you don’t get the opportunity for a 5$ bill in Germany very often :D I already own a 1$ bill, which is always inside my purse as a symbol of hope and motivation.
    Simply said, I would love to adopt you and take care of you and your content.
    Oh and as I’m always saving the major part of the coins inside my purse, you would also always have enough to eat for the rest of your life.

    Kind regards,


    1. J. Money says:

      “Dear Mario, I am so pleased to read of your note! I have always wanted to travel the world, and similar to you with the $5 bills, I’ve always wanted sunglasses to wear too! Daddy says it makes him nervous shipping me halfway across the world (what if i break?), but I assured him I’m tough and can take it, and so we kept your application at the top of the list.

      And guess what?? After reviewing all of these wonderful notes this morning, Daddy agreed I should start my next adventure overseas!! I get to come live with you!! I’m so excited!

      Daddy will be emailing you shortly, and requests that we take a picture together to show him I made it there safely… he is also converting the $11.76 in my belly into $16.00 for you so you can have one $1.00 note, one $10.00 note, and of course one $5.00 note :) He loves it when people are interested in currency!

      See you real soon, new friend!”

      – Goldie

  7. Julio V says:

    1) Engagement ring
    2) Right on top of my dresser where it will be praised
    3) Let’s go with..$85

  8. OH MY GOD. I love this. I would love to adopt Goldie and cherish her at the Picky Palace.

    1. Right now we’re saving and paying off student loans. We’re currently able to slam $3,000 to $4,000 a month on those bad boys, but every penny counts. I’m getting a little extreme with cutting expenses–this month I started using homemade hankies instead of tissues to save $3 a month.

    2. I would locate Goldie on a perfect space on my nightstand. That way, she’s there to remind me both morning and night about our goals. It’s great to have a reminder that there’s a payoff to all of our sacrifices and hard work.

    3. Oh man! I’m always bad at this kind of stuff. I’m going to say $63.78.

    1. J. Money says:

      “I am impressed, debt slayers!!” – Goldie

  9. sarah says:

    Warning to Goldie… if you come to my house, you’re going to get a workout with the savings we’re trying to do around here :)

    1) I am saving for myself right now. Last year was a rough year (bf lost his job, rent increase, etc, etc) and realizing that there were moments when having more savings would have probably helped a heck of a lot more. So to not relive 2016 (where I am likely not alone!), 2017 is the year of savings.

    2) If Goldie came to the house, he’d have a fine home on our fun shelf – current residents include an art print from Godfather, and a Kanye West candle :) I hope Goldie would’t mind the company!

    3) how much is inside Goldie… that’s a tough one! I know J Money likes to make his money work for him, so perhaps it is empty rather than just sitting around and waiting. But let’s just guess at $42!

    1. J. Money says:

      “Daddy and I was just jamming to Kanye West! But a Kanye West candle?? That scares me… I wouldn’t want him to *burn out*!” – Goldie

  10. Dusty kinley says:

    1. We’re saving for a down-payment on a home. Where we live that will require about $80k.
    2. We would put you above the kids’ counter area so that they could see you and learn about saving and investing.
    3. You have $57.73 inside right now!

  11. Measuring Life in Coffee Spoons says:

    1. We are saving for a down payment on our first house—we live in a very HCOL area so we have been saving for a bit—every bit helps!

    2. On my dresser, where all of the spare change gets thrown when I empty out the pockets on pants when I do laundry.

    3. Hmmm….I am guess $356.89 (hoping there are a lot of quarters in there!)

  12. Amy J. says:

    Hello Goldie! It’s nice to meet you!

    1. Since I paid off all of my debt last month (with the exception of my mortgage), my savings goal for this year is to get 6 months’ worth of expenses in my emergency fund and then double my 401K contributions. (I currently contribute 8% of my salary to my 401K.)

    2. You would sit atop my mantle in the living room so I would be reminded daily of my savings goals.

    3. Totally random guess here – $89.16.

    Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you, Goldie :)

  13. Tiffany McDaniel says:

    1. I am currently saving up for 3-6 months of expenses for an emergency fund.
    2. If you came to my house you would sit on the table in our entryway so that everyday when I come home, I could put my change in you. You see, in my house, we only use cash and don’t spend our change. So everyday we have change left over from breaking our bills and you would be fed daily!
    3. I recently took an owl bank (would be your new BFF) to deposit the change from last year and I had $80, you seem a bit bigger so I’m going to say $96.

    1. J. Money says:

      “I love owls!” – Goldie

  14. Oooh, you know how much I love guessing games, J!

    I’m currently saving for a down payment and for my trip to Portugal in June! Woot woot.

    I’d put you right on my desk (where I’ll soon be filming all of my YouTube videos), basically ensuring Goldie gets all of the attention he deserves.

    I’m going to go with $82 inside of Goldie. The number spoke to me.

  15. mamaduntaknunadat says:

    Q:What are you saving for right now?
    A:Emergency fund $700, cause you gotta start somewhere (shoulda, woulda,coulda)
    Q:Where would you put me in your house?
    A: Next to Pinky- a 15 yr piggy in dire need of a partner in her save/give/spend/invest adventures
    Q:How much money do I have inside of me? (You get to keep it all if you win me!)
    A: $181.00 & a canadian penny
    BIG Shout out to you and your dad! THANK YOU – This is one of the best money blogs I’ve come across, love IT – cause isn’t helping each other what its all about?

    1. J. Money says:

      “Daddy says thanks – he’s glad you’re enjoying the site :) And I very much hope to meet Pinky one day too!” – Goldie

  16. 1. Saving for a house down payment, while also maxing 401(k), Traditional IRA, and funding a long-term car fund.

    2. Next to our other piggy bank in our bedroom! And in our apartment, as we are currently saving to try to get a 20% down payment on a house. ;)

    3. $103.48

  17. Tucker says:

    What are you saving for right now?
    – To buy back my pension (3.5 years worth @ $18300 which will give me $600/mo at 60 for life) and we are also saving to buy our house mortgage-free (no tax credit for mortgage interest here!).
    Where would you put me in your house?
    – On top of the bookcase by the front door, a subtle reminder when leaving the house that we have goals and spending while out in the world has to be carefully measured against these goals.
    How much money do I have inside of me? (You get to keep it all if you win me!)
    – OHHH so tough (after the hip hop post I was tempted to say $420, hah) but I am going to go with $220.

    Come here anytime! We have a small house but we have a pull-out in the office and can handle dogs and kids. There is always lots of delish home-brew, and 2017 is the time to visit being the 150th anniversary in the capital city. So many crazy things going on!

    1. J. Money says:

      “Daddy says he’s packing his bags right now!!!” – Goldie

  18. Slow Dad says:

    I’m submitting this on behalf of my 4 year old son, I can only apologise in advance for the answers.

    > 1. What are you saving for right now?

    “To give to my big brother, because the mean boy at school took all his coins and now he doesn’t have any left.”

    > 2. Where would you put me in your house?

    “[eye roll] Of course it would go in my house! If it was outside it would get wet in the rain, silly!”

    [Slow Dad: he doesn’t realise it yet, but it would replace the horse shaped money box he made at nursery… the coin slot is directly underneath the tail, it just seems wrong every time he deposits coins into the poor horse’s backside]

    > 3) Now this one is a little more tricky, but we’re going to throw out a rough estimate of $56.12.

    “Twenty Eleven”

    1. J. Money says:

      “Oh I think me and your boy would have so much fun together! I’m telling daddy I want your application in the top contender pile. And I agree with your kid – my money would get soggy out in the rain, silly!” – Goldie

  19. Liz Rizzo says:

    Goldie! I love your gold ears and hoofs and little gold tail! And your dollar signs. :D Right now I am saving up so I can afford a move to new place with my boyfriend and a wedding at some point in the future. (We are not engaged yet, but I am a positive thinker!) If you come live with me you would displace a rather large coffee can that currently sits on a two-drawer filing cabinet by my desk. You are significantly cuter and more inspiring than the coffee can, so don’t cry for him. As to your contents, it’s difficult to guess, particularly given the variety of types of money inside you, so I will say $42 dollars, because 42 is the meaning of life. :D Good luck finding a wonderful new home! I hope it’s mine! Cheers, Liz

    1. J. Money says:

      “Your boyfriend would be a dufus not to propose to you! I’ll make sure to drop many hints if I end up coming to crash with you guys – I got your back.” – Goldie

  20. Rachel K. says:

    1. We are saving for college for our girls and for 2nd/official retirement (hubby just retired from the Army in October).
    2. Goldie would live in a comfy, savings-loving home with all our other “piggy” banks – though not all are piggy shaped. She would live with several other pigs, a castle, and a bus banks! And J would be welcome to visit any time he wants. Cold beer of any variety would made available!
    3. I’m sensing something close to $157.23.

    1. J. Money says:

      “I love castles!!!” – Goldie

  21. Stephonee says:

    1) The boring answer: retirement. Early retirement, hopefully! Also, some family vacations – hopefully my siblings get their act together and we can all split a beach rental this summer. We’re also planning a big family meetup in Hawaii in 2021!
    2) In the baby’s room. Yes, the piggy bank doesn’t quite fit in with the Fallout (video game) decor, but, as the newest member of the family, he has the most to learn about money! (Not that we all don’t still have something to learn…)
    3) Are we playing by Price Is Right rules? If so, I say $0.01! If not, I say $80. :D

    1. J. Money says:

      “What’s Price is Right?” – Goldie

    1. J. Money says:

      “Stop flirting with me.” – Goldie

  22. Andy says:

    1. House down payment, newer car fund, son’s college account, retirement, newer phone fund. The money inside you would start a second 529.
    2. Right now, you’d be next to my son’s bank on top of the toy chest. However, you’d belong to my daughter who is due in a few days…so you’d end up where ever she takes you around the house when she starts to carry stuff around. Think if it as free travel.
    3. $17.27

    1. J. Money says:

      “She’d break me! I’m scared!” – Goldie

  23. Marty Shankle says:

    1. Right now I am saving for Early Retirement, paying off student loans and our wedding. The money inside you would go towards my nephew’s 529 plan. I know how difficult student loans can be on growing wealth so I want to ensure my nephew never has to deal with student loan debt.

    2. You would be proudly displayed on our fireplace as the prize you are.

    3. $121

  24. Amber Farward says:

    What a fun contest idea! Throwing my hat in the ring!
    1. my wife and I are saving for another round of fertility treatment
    2. The place of honor for this gem would be right in our entry way (where we are always dropping loose change anyway
    3. I bet there is $978.46 in there…

    1. J. Money says:

      “I’m crossing my hooves for you!!” – Goldie

  25. Carol in Mpls says:

    Well, first, Goldie you are a pretty little piggie! Very nicely dressed, cool golden ears, and you’ll be an attractive addition to my household. Your Daddy is a swell guy!

    1. What are you saving for right now?
    Keeping my Roth contributions fund in a separate account, so I can build them up each year. Ready to go when I do my taxes.

    2. Where would you put me in your house?
    You will get to sit in my red bookcase, alongside Cy the Cyclone. He’s my cardinal bank from Iowa State, and you’ll get along great. Also, he loves cute piggies, you know, Iowa…

    3. How much money do I have inside of me? (You get to keep it all if you win me!)
    I’m going to guess about $157, which might also include some of the “special” coinage that Daddy collects.

    P.S. Daddy will love visiting you here in Minneapolis, as we have craft breweries galore. Multiple opportunities Jay!

    1. J. Money says:

      “Daddy tells me you’re going right to the top of the list with that P.S.!” – Goldie

  26. This is hilarious!
    1) I’m currently saving for a trip to Ecuador in October, I’m willing to take Goldie with me ;)
    2) I’d place goldie on my desk so I can remember to focus on savings, not spending
    3) I’ll go with $36.63 is inside her

  27. What are you saving for right now? A down payment on a house.
    Where would you put me in your house? In the kitchen, on the counter so I can fill you up with all my spare change.
    How much money do I have inside of me? (You get to keep it all if you win me!) $51.26. Not sure why I think this is so, but I believe it is.

  28. B.Watson says:

    1. My family is currently saving for two things: Emergency Savings Fund and Christmas 2017. We have 4 kids and huge extended families so Christmas has to be planned for waaaayyyy ahead of time or we pay for it.
    2. Goldie would sit on my desk with a good view of the livingroom/kitchen. She would fit in perfect there and truly feel like a part of the family. :)
    3. $134.27 (no rhyme or reason to it…the number just looked “right”)

  29. 1) Kill the mortgage! $52k left!
    2) The room of the 8&6 year-old girls… they’re always taking apart their plastic piggy banks, counting the money, and then losing it. If we had a more beautiful, permanent fixture, they might actually save more. :)
    3) $101.39

    1. J. Money says:

      “I don’t want to be taken apart :(” – Goldie

  30. Michelle says:

    1) Early retirement – 5 years to go!
    2) In my kitchen in Auckland, New Zealand for both my boys under 5 to see & use (most likely for chocolate surprise eggs until they see the FIRE light!)
    3) $222.50 :-)

    1. J. Money says:

      “CHOCOLATE! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!!!!” – Goldie

  31. Jared says:

    1. Vet Bills for my dog’s up coming procedure.
    2. My Daughters Room to help educate her on how to save!
    3. $99

  32. Yana says:

    This is the best thing ever that you’ve dispensed! I love Goldie :)

    What are you saving for right now? – Retirement
    Where would you put me in your house? – I have a vanity that is my computer desk, in the bedroom. What a perfect place for Goldie to live.
    How much money do I have inside of me? (You get to keep it all if you win me!) – $377.00

    1. J. Money says:

      “Daddy told me to tell you he’s glad you enjoyed this one :) But I don’t know why he’s taking all the credit – I’m the cute one!” – Goldie

  33. Woon says:

    I’m a 24-year-old girl from Malaysia.

    1. I just started my first job few months ago and it was also the time when I started to live frugally. The reason I save is I want to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible so it will provide me with more options to pursue other meaningful things in life. Another main reason is I want to bring my parents to travel around while they’re still healthy.

    2. I will put you, Piggy, inside my closet where I think is the safest and cleanest place. By putting you in the closet will also help me to delay gratification and remind me to stop spending on clothes coz ultimately Piggy is the one who will give me freedom and happiness.

    3. $56.51 (no idea how I came out with this amount) and will surely feed Piggy more and more in the future when I own you :)

    1. J. Money says:

      “You sound like a very smart woman, Woon. Just don’t accidentally drop clothes on me as I’m afraid of the dark :(” – Goldie

  34. Jamie says:

    What are you saving for right now? – I’m saving up for my honeymoon, all the wedding I’m invited to in the next two years, and an emergency fund!

    Where would you put me in your house? On my big table that serves as a desk.

    How much money do I have inside of me? (You get to keep it all if you win me!) $85.17

    1. J. Money says:

      “Would I be able to come on your honeymoon? Oh please, oh please, oh please!!” – Goldie

  35. SD says:

    1.What are you saving for right now? A secure future. Repay the loan I made to myself from savings to postpone taking Social Security.
    2.Where would I put you? On top of the refrigerator to remind me to save on the high cost of food!
    3.How much money does Goldie have inside her? $141.10

  36. Victoria Olekaibe says:

    Hello There Goldie,
    My name is Victoria and I think you are the coolest, unique piggy bank. Right now I am so happy 2016 is over and ready for a clean slate and create multiple streams of income in 2017! I am currently living with my mom and saving for a Forever Home for me and my daughter who currently lives with her father far away.

    You would be in my daughter’s room in her Forever Home encouraging her on how important it is to save at a young age and not make the same mistakes her mom has when it comes to money. She would definitely want to fill you up and she can when she grows up and have her own kids gift you to them.

    I believe you have $204.63 in you and that would be a great start to my daughter’s savings journey. All in all whichever person wins you will be lucky to have you

    1. J. Money says:

      “Thank you Victoria! I wish so badly you get your Forever Home for you and your daughter – that would make my heart so very happy!” – Goldie

  37. 1. Paying off debt so I can start my real estate portfolio.
    2. You’ll live on my desk next to my pet rock (named ipad), which would give me a mental reminder to stop when amazon creeps into my browser.
    3. $60 resides in your belly.

  38. amy brickner says:

    1. We are saving to round out our 6 month living expenses fund. ( Our daughter is a pediatric cancer survivor, is severely disabled, and has a lot of residual medical issues).It’s so important for us to have the funds available in the event of a prolonged hospitalization, etc., so we don’t have to worry about paying the household expenses while we care for her.
    2. You, dear little piglet, would sit on the desk where we do the bill paying & budget minding and would be an ever present reminder to save our pennies! Plus we could fill you up and pay you forward to another like-minded family after we max out our 6 month savings fund !!
    3. $398.36.

    1. J. Money says:

      “My piggy heart is so happy to hear of your beautiful strong daughter!! She would inspire me so much, i just know it!” – Goldie

  39. Lee says:

    1. We are saving for new counter tops for the kitchen. Not taking no home improvement loans here.
    2. He will live next to my Boba Fett bank on my desk so I can be reminded when we do bills each month to keep saving for financial freedom and to keep hustling for all the bounties.
    3. $99.99 one cent away from that first $100 toward financial Independence.

    1. J. Money says:

      “Boba Fett looks like would rob me when I’m sleeping :(” – Goldie

  40. Patricia Cliff says:

    1:) I am saving in order to get all three of our boys who are currently in college through with no loans (daughter graduated in 2014 with zero loans). Yes, they are working/saving themselves also. We are also building a small log cabin ourselves on a lake in Maine, and building as we get the money. These two things are currently where all the savings go.
    2:) You will take a place of honor in said cabin, where your previous owner can come make sure you are happy…. and drink a beer if that what he fancies.
    3:) $278.62

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