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personal finance planner

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Hey guys! Another week, another fun giveaway :) Up this time around is my friend Lauren’s Personal Finance Planner for those who love scheduling their life alongside their money!

You might recall Lauren from our review of her book the other month, The Recovering Spender, or maybe you’ve seen her on Fox & Friends or The Today Show or have read her popular finance blog, LaurenGreutman.com. She’s a super cool chick, always coming up with handfuls of good ideas over there. Including this planner! (And y’all nerds know how much we love our planners :))

Here’s more info on ’em below, as well as how to enter…

The Personal Finance Planner:  Plan Your Days and Your Money in the Same Place

personal finance planners

Per Lauren’s site:

Planning your life is planning your money. So doesn’t it make sense to plan them in the same place? This planner takes a completely different approach to all other planners on the market. When you plan out your year, months, weeks, and days, money is involved in just about every activity. When you set goals – big and small – money is almost always involved in some way. The Personal Finance Planner recognizes that life and money are intertwined. Set your budget at the same time you plan out your month. Track progress on financial goals – whether you are paying down debt, or saving for the future.

Some of the features:

  • Will work for any 12 month period (not just calendar year)
  • Detailed budget for each month
  • Goal setting page for each month
  • Monthly calendar for each month
  • 5 weekly calendar for each month
  • Grocery shopping list for each week
  • 8 cash envelopes with stickers to assign the category
  • Monthly debt tracker
  • Hard cover

Pics of the inside:

personal finance planner - inside

personal finance planner - inside

personal finance planner - inside

Want One?

Answer the following question down below, and you shall be automatically entered to win:

Which is more exciting to you: managing your life, or managing your money? ;)

The giveaway ends on June 6th at midnight, and the winner gets their choice of cover designs above! Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Brent Esplin for winning! Thanks for participating, everyone!

More about Lauren: Lauren is a wife, mom of four and a recovering spender who – with her husband – figured out how to get out of $40,000 of debt. Now Lauren strives to bring others into her circle… to mentor you and teach that, when it comes to managing your finances, “YOU CAN DO THIS!” She is also the author of the book ‘The Recovering Spender‘ as well as the popular money saving website LaurenGreutman.com.


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Jay is the founder of Rockstar Finance, and blogs about money over at BudgetsAreSexy.com. He loves all things finance, coffee, and hip-hop, and is the proud daddy of two beautiful little boys!

Last modified: June 7, 2017

53 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Giveaway: The Personal Finance Planner!

  1. A.I. says:

    It’s so intertwined–Planning for the things I want to do in life is more exciting, but planning how I use my money makes them possible :)

  2. Tussy says:

    I like to PLAN my life and MANAGE my money :) Money is just a managing tool I use to PLAN my life and it’s way more predictable and controllable than LIFE itself. :)

    1. J. Money says:

      YES to all of this!! Great mentality to have!

  3. LC says:

    I prefer to manage my money. I get a thrill from seeing my savings and investments grow. And, I love to track my progression toward my financial goals.

  4. Oh hey, this is neat! I have to say that I enjoy managing my life on paper. But I also enjoy managing my money, just on a digital platform. I do like the idea of combining both daily to-dos as well as a budget. :)

  5. Carol says:

    I get really excited when I manage my money well, because that means that I can have more “life” to manage! That said, I have been yearning for this planner system for ages, thanks for offering this!

  6. Hands down managing our money. I am a complete spreadsheet, chart, graph, calculation/projection geek and I love crunching numbers. Mr. Adventure Rich can attest, I could spend a whole day having fun with our finances!

    Granted, I still like to manage our life (lots of random “To Do” list sticky notes are floating around and we have a big monthly wall calendar to plan out our weeks), but the financial side is where I can “count on” having more fun ;)

    1. J. Money says:

      I can get down with that ;)

  7. Gerry says:

    I think the two go hand in hand at times, but I’d rather have an exciting life than excitement managing money (and I do!). Money is a tool to pay for things and opportunities, but no one ever got excited solely about a windfall or winning the lottery. They got excited about the opportunities that came along with it!

  8. Alex Moody says:

    My personal excitement is more so managing my life. Managing money is really important; but life, the relationships we have with with family, friends, and others around us will always take priority for myself.

  9. stacey says:

    I think i have to agree with the other’s. Planning my life is what I am working on right now – finally at the age of 47! But in order to plan my life – i need to manage my $ !

  10. Jenny says:

    We have more control managing our money rather than managing our life so i’ll say that I enjoy managing my money since I can.
    As a side note I really enjoy your blog, you manage the content really well!

    1. J. Money says:

      Thanks so much :)

  11. Laura Warner says:

    Managing money! Then I feel life is more managed :) LOVE this planner!!!

  12. Sheila says:

    Planning my money seems easier, so I’ll go with that. :) Cool planner!

  13. Christina says:

    I think when you manage your life well, hopefully that means you are managing your money well too. Agree with a lot of the comments though that they are so connected. However, for me, if I prefer to manage my life because if I am successful at that, then I am managing my money, relationships etc well :)

  14. Brent Esplin says:

    A study showed that many people estimated the calories in a burger and a salad to be less than the calories of the burger alone. While this is obviously impossible if you stop to think about it, our minds play all kinds of tricks on us. I see this question in a similar light. Managing our life is more important than managing our money because managing our life includes managing our money.

    1. J. Money says:

      Fascinating!! I probably would have guessed the same thing about the burger and salad, haha…

  15. D Terry says:

    I would rather take care of my bills.

  16. Annette Potter says:

    Managing my life I’d definitely more exciting!
    Managing money? Not so much.
    But – I know I need to manage the money in order to manage my life.

  17. Linsey G says:

    I think they go hand in hand, but I do feel keeping a close eye on where the money is going helps to align my daily actions with my long term values.

  18. Danielle murillo says:

    Managing my life is more exciting, however I do enjoy doing both! I like to think that I am more wise with managing money the older I get!

  19. Carrie says:

    Managing my money is more exciting to me. I just recently hit the 500,000 net worth mark. Wasn’t expecting it until later this year, but it came early and I’m so happy!!

    1. J. Money says:

      Congrats!!! That’s a huge milestone – you’re a Half-A-Millionaire! :)

  20. Managing money is easy so let’s actually go with life. Challenges are good.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Managing my life.

  22. Dave says:

    Managing your money is just a numbers game, managing your life allows you to hope an dream

  23. Leanne Hornby says:

    I prefer to manage my money because that in turn helps me to better manage my life. I feel that when my personal finances are in control then my personal life seems to fall into place.

  24. Julie says:

    Definitely managing your money. Having the money taken care of makes it feel spacious when you work on the life stuff.

  25. Alyssa Peterson says:

    Managing my money. If I could do that better, I wouldn’t have to schedule so crazy a life (especially work wise)!

  26. Christy Riley says:

    Managing my money excites me!

  27. Sheila Smith says:

    Managing my life is definitely more fun. However, managing my money allows me to manage my life more effectively.

  28. Tyson Wirth says:

    Managing my life well is the ultimate goal, and more exciting to me… but the more life-experienced I get, the more I realize the import of managing $ in order to accomplish what I want!

  29. Mark LaBorde says:

    Managing your life is obviously more fun and exciting but its managing your money that makes managing your life more efficient

  30. Cassie Ailstock says:

    I really like to manage both my life and my money. I so need help with both to do better. I am always looking for better more efficient ways.

  31. Felecia E says:

    The idea of managing my life is an illusion….therefore I enjoy managing my money so I can live my life to my highest potential.

    1. J. Money says:

      Hah – true on that.

  32. Jamie says:

    To be completely honest, I’m totally loving managing my money right now, because as we progress in our handling of finances and savings, we are working toward tangible goals- home repairs, a Disney trip we’ve been dying to take the kids on…so I’m loving checking the bank statements, receipts, etc. to see how far we have come and how our hard work and sacrifice is paying off :)

    1. J. Money says:

      Such a great position to be in!

  33. Lindsay says:

    More exciting? Managing my money only because I tend to not manage my life, but rather, live it. :)

  34. Caroline says:

    I enjoy managing my money but managing my life can sometimes undo my finances.

  35. Susan says:

    I much prefer planning my life to planning my money.

  36. Definitely managing my money, but the other choice is a close second. :)

  37. Sara Strickland says:

    Managing my life is more exciting, but I think money management is a huge part of that.

  38. Jen M says:

    I like managing my money. But mostly because with two stepkids, managing my life means coordinating schedules not just with my husband, my parents and his parents, but with their mom and their mom’s parents and their mom’s inlaws… Money’s so much easier!

    1. J. Money says:

      Oh man, I bet, haha…

  39. Cyndi says:


  40. Managing money, honestly. Because I see goals through it!

  41. Cam says:

    The money…much easier to watch it grow where it feels like managing life just gets more and more hectic

  42. Maurice says:

    Live life, enjoy money, but have a purpose.

  43. Marilyn says:

    Managing my own money! It’s much easier!

  44. Carrie says:

    Managing my money so that I can live my life with intentionality and enjoyment

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