★ Rockstar Giveaway: One Hundred Million Dollars!


100 million dollars zimbabwe

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If you’ve ever dreamt of having a million dollars, today could be your lucky day :) This opportunity comes courtesy of Kirk Chisholm of Innovative Advisory Group (IAG) who has offered up this gift to us not only to remind us of how money works, but also how to hack your IRA to build even more wealth over time (bet you didn’t see that one coming!).

Here’s the note Kirk sent me, along with details on how to win this bad boy below:


In honor of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s ability to create retirement wealth (he has over $100,000,000 in his IRA) I would like to match his $100,000,000 to the lucky recipient of your giveaway. I hope this is not too grandiose, but I’m feeling generous.

This is real money. It is a Zimbabwe Dollar which is no longer in circulation, but was real currency up until April 2009. Hyper-inflation ensued in Zimbabwe, and the largest dollar note printed turned out to be $100 trillion. Not bad, until you consider $100 trillion was about equal to $5 US dollars at the time.

Since then it has been pegged to the US dollar, however, these Zimbabwe dollars are a great gift and reminder of how money works.


And as a coin and currency collector, I can tell you this is correct! Both it being a real note at one time, as well as it being a great gift ;) And as a personal finance blogger, I can also tell you that the Mitt Romney $100,000,000 IRA is/was also true when it first broke news!

Kirk wrote an interesting piece on how that came to be, as well as tips on how others can follow suit: The $100 Million Dollar Mitt Romney IRA – How You Can Use These Strategies to Build One Yourself

You’ll have to tell me how it works out for you, but in the meantime – here’s your shot at taking the lazy way out ;)

Want this $100,000,000 bill?

Tell us what you’d do with this note and why, and one lucky winner will receive it in the mail as soon as this giveaway ends in a week.

We know how to hook your wallet up!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jon for winning! We wish you luck haggling with those Nigerian princes ;)


Big thanks again to Kirk for having some fun with us today.  You can find him at his wealth management firm, InnovativeWealth.com, as well as in our Directory of Financial Planners here at Rockstar Finance.

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Last modified: April 12, 2017

35 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Giveaway: One Hundred Million Dollars!

  1. Hahaha.I love it. A great piece of economic history there. Those and marks pre ww2 I always find fascinating given the thought of using a wheel barrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread. No matter who wins thanks for giving me a morning chuckle, it was worth at least 100k zimbabwe.;)

    1. J. Money says:

      Haha, good. ‘Cuz there are no refunds :)

  2. Allison says:

    I know exactly what I’d do with this. I would add this lesson to my education and training materials. This is a perfect way to visualize the value of currency. And if I don’t win, I’m still doing this! I can always download the photo. :D

    1. J. Money says:

      Nice!!! All about education over here – especially when it comes to $$$$ :)

  3. Noelle says:

    I would hold onto it, and when my kids are older I would pull it out and use it as a financial lesson in currency / value of money / inflation!

    1. J. Money says:

      Or you could trick them like we did today and have them do a chore for the $100,000,000?? ;)

  4. Melanie says:

    How fun! If this bill arrives before my first freelance writing check, I’ll frame it and display it as my first “dollar” earned for blogging. :D

    1. J. Money says:

      HAH! So should we be rooting for you to make money faster then, or no?? (I’m thinking no? :))

  5. Giovina says:

    I love seeing currency from other places, especially when it has huge numbers! I remember when I got to Hungary I withdrew the equivalent of 200 bucks Canadian and it was like 50,000 forints and I was so excited cause I felt so rich. So if I won this bill I’d probably pin it up on my bulletin board at work along with my little post-it notes that have my goals on them to motivate me.

  6. Mike says:

    Since I have a Quadrillion of these already…. ;)
    I would buy one or two pieces of penny candy!

    1. J. Money says:

      You’re ahead of the times, sir!

  7. John Palmer says:

    Two things come to mind. (1) Send it to the Secretary of the Treasury with a note about what happens when you print money with nothing to back it up. (2) Pay my taxes with it.

    1. Kirk says:

      I concur with John. although you might want to send it to Paul Krugman, the guy who thought it would be a good idea to create a 1 trillion coin to stimulate the economy. Paul may need more of a lesson in economics 101 (see his NY Times article for reference

  8. Joe says:

    I’m going to frame it and put it in my office. My kid can then tell his friend he has a million dollar in his bed room. :)
    Pretty awesome bill.

  9. Moose says:

    I’d frame this and put it on my desk. First, to motivate me to get to the multimillion mark (USD, mind you) and second to remind me to buy more precious metals as a hedge against hyperinflation. Ultimately, it’s faith that makes the dollar worth anything.

    1. J. Money says:

      I know lots of people who are hoarding gold and silver bars just waiting for an apocalypse :)

  10. Paul says:

    Purely nostalgia. I remember paying with a $50 Zim dollar note for some Batiks and thinking that it was quite a lot of money back in the day. I know of people who went to buy bread and by the time they got to the counter to pay for it, the bread price had increased in price. I like John Palmer’s point that this is what happens (in extreme examples) when money is printed (hyperinflation) to keep the economy going.

    1. J. Money says:

      so crazy man… and even more so, just sad for all those citizens living through it :(

  11. Lewis Fulau says:

    Wining the $100,000,000. Would be a dream come first i would invest in building a very big shopping mall and also build a water park because thats thats what i always dream of. And the other reason is that in my country we dont have a water park and a proper shopping mall. And itwll bring happiness and joy to the people because they will benefit greatly

    1. J. Money says:

      Water park! Forgot about those… what country do you live in?

  12. Bela says:

    This note would be a fun thing to have in my wallet.

    1. J. Money says:

      even more so if you accidentally tried to spend it!

  13. Chad says:

    I’d use it to win Whitney Hansen’s $100 money challenge, because I have a dark sense of humor like that. And I always wanted to be featured on her podcast (prize for winning the challenege).

    1. J. Money says:

      Hah – nice! Not aware of that challenge but it sounds interesting :)

  14. derek says:

    Here’s why I want it… I LOVE the font in the middle/left “ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS”. Why did they choose that font? It’s like a metal band from the 80’s!!

    Here’s what I would do with it… I’d look at it and think to myself, “this is cool, I’m glad I have it”.

    1. J. Money says:

      It does look like that!! Hahaaha

  15. Jon says:

    I’d use it to haggle with the Nigerian prince that keeps emailing me and see if he’s willing to take ONE HUNDRED MILLIONS DOLLARS as payment for the transfer of his 22.6 millions USD into my account.

    1. J. Money says:

      Okay, now THAT is good!

  16. Tim says:

    The obvious answer here is to keep this in my back pocket for the inevitable time I get swept up in a Dr. Evil style ransom situation.

    “Don’t worry, world… I got this one.”

  17. I would trick some of my buddies by telling them: “if I really gave you one hundred million dollars, would you give me 100 euros?”

    I’d probably pick a German friend too. They always keep their word, even when they are tricked.

  18. Kate says:


  19. Mike M says:

    I would add this to my small coin collection!

    1. J. Money says:

      Nice! Love meeting fellow coin collectors :)

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